Table Saw Review

My Table Saw Reviews: Bosch 4100-09 Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand


DeWALT DW744RS Table Saw With Rolling Stand

Which Is The Best Table Saw?  You Decide!

After doing an analysis of the various 10″ table saws with stands that are readily available to consumers, two table saws/stands stood out:  The Bosch 4100-09 & Stand and the DeWALT DW744XRS & Stand.  Both of these table saws/stands are very popular and highly thought of by individuals who have purchased them.  Not surprisingly, many of their features are the same or very similar.  However, there are a few differences.  I have compiled below the similarities and the differences in these two table saws & stands to help you make an informed and reasoned decision as to which table saw is better for your needs and purposes.

The Similarities

Both are 10″ table saws with 15 amp motors which provide 3,650 RPMs.  Their arbors are 5/8″, and their rip capacities are very similar (DeWALT – 24 1/2″ and BOSCH – 25″).  Both can cut dados up to 13/16″ wide,  and both provide a maximum cut depth of 3 1/8″ at 90 degrees.  Both saws have padlock insertion holes on the off/on switch, and come with miter gauges, rip fences, and push sticks.  Both have on-site storage for their safety guarding systems and push sticks.  Additionally, both table saw stands set up easily, are wheeled, have handles, and fold up to provide a more compact size for transportation and storage purposes.

Now The Differences

Feature————————————– BOSCH————————————-DeWALT

Table Weight                                         60 lbs                                                  58 lbs

Stand Weight                                         39 lbs                                                  33 lbs

Combined Weight                                 99 lbs                                                  91 lbs

Table Height Off The Floor               37″                                                      30″

Table Surface Size                                 29″ X 21 1/2″                                  26.5″ X 19 1/4″

Bevel  Cut Range Capability             -2 to +47 degrees                          0 to +45 degrees

Wheel Size Type                                    8″ treaded pneumatic              10″ treaded solid

Place to Store Electrical Cord         Yes                                                     No

Saw Blade That Comes With Saw   10″ 40-tooth Carbide                10″ 24-tooth Carbide

Warranty                                                  1 year limited                                 3 year limited

Money Back Guarantee                       30-day                                              90-day

Special Features That Stand Out

DeWALT – Rack and Pinion Rip Fence (really nice)

BOSCH – Smart Guard System (3-position riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, and blade guard)

DeWALT – 2 1/4″ Dust Collection Port (can connect to vacuum for efficient dust extraction)

BOSCH – Squarelock Rip Fence (best in class)

BOSCH – Gravity-Rise Stand (very, very easy to set up and take down)

DeWALT – Telescoping Fence Rail (expands the size of the DeWALT table surface)

BOSCH – A Digital Measuring Display accessory that can be purchased separately and attached to the Squarelock Rip Fence.

My Recommendation

Both of these are great table saws with well designed stands.   You could not go wrong choosing either one of these.  If I were replacing my own table saw today, I would probably opt for the Bosch 4100-09 table saw with the TS3000 Gravity-Rise Stand (because I really like the Smart Guard System and Gravity-Rise Stand) – – – although I was very impressed with the DeWALT rack and pinion rip fence.

Where Can I Purchase Either of these Great Table Saws/Stands?

You can purchase either of these table saw/stands on Amazon.  The Bosch 4100-09 Table Saw with TS3000 Stand list for $1,250 but Amazon is selling it for approximately $555.  Click here to view this Bosch saw and stand on Amazon. The DeWALT DW744XRS Table Saw with Rolling Stand lists for almost $1,200 but Amazon is selling it for less than $615.  Click here to view the DeWALT saw and stand on Amazon.