Milwaukee Sawzall Review

My Reciprocating Saw Review: Milwaukee Sawzall 6509-22 Reciprocating Saw

I can still remember when I finally decided to buy a reciprocating saw.  I was replacing an attic ladder in our house and was not looking forward to having to hand saw the nails that attached the old attic ladder to the ceiling frame.  There was only space enough to slide a hacksaw blade (not the hacksaw itself) between the frame and the support which meant I would have to wrap the upper part of the blade with a rag and handsaw the nails in two with the bottom part of the blade.  And that’s not to say that I hadn’t used this approach many, many times before on a variety of do-it-yourself projects when only a hacksaw blade itself would fit in the space available.  But it is a lot of hard work (and takes a whole lot of time) especially if you have to cut a lot of nails.  Once I thought about having to hand cut all those size 10-d nails, my decision was made.  I bought a reciprocating saw and it worked GREAT!  I was able to remove the old attic ladder in probably 1/20th of the time.  Since then I have found that reciprocating saws are very versatile and that you can use them not only to cut nails but also to cut sheetrock, woods studs, pipe, tree limbs, and many other things.   A real work saving tool!  After purchasing and using a reciprocating saw, it is one of those tools that you can only shake your head about and ask yourself why you didn’t get this saw a long time ago.

My Recommendation

There are a number of reciprocating saws that you can choose from.  However, after researching these different saws and their customer satisfaction ratings, I am recommending that you purchase the Milwaukee Sawzall 6509-22 11 Amp Reciprocating Saw.  It is a cut (no pun intended) above the other saws.

Features of the Milwaukee 6509-22 Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

1.   The Milwaukee Sawzall 6509-22 has an 11 Amp motor which can provide up to 2,800 strokes per minute.  Additionally, the saw provides a 3/4″ stroke length.

2.   This saw has an adjustable trigger which allows you to adjust the saw speed by just tightening or loosening your grip on the trigger.

3. This reciprocating saw operates on 120 volts, comes with an 8′ electrical cord, and since it is corded, the saw receives a constant source of power to operate on.

4. It has a quick-lock blade clamp which allows you to quickly insert and remove your saw blades.  No tools are needed!  In addition, this clamp also allows you to insert and lock your saw blades upside down when your situation and cutting need requires it (a nice feature).

5.   The Milwaukee 6509-22 has a double bearing wobble plate which helps reduce vibration in the saw and provide you with better handling.

6.   The Sawzall, in addition to being double insulated, has a rubber boot which provides you with more control over the saw and thus more accuracy in your cutting.

7.   The saw uses 1/2″ shank Sawzall blades.  Although the saw comes with only one blade, other blades can be purchased as needed.  Another nice feature is that the Milwaukee Sawzall blades come in different blade shapes (sloped, straight, and scroll) and styles (e.g., wood, metal, teeth per inch) so you can match the blade to the work you will be doing.

8.   The Milwaukee 6509-22 only weighs 7 pounds and is 17 1/3″ long which makes it very easy for you to lift, carry, and maneuver as you perform your work.

Check Out The Milwaukee Sawzall In Action

Here, you can see a video where the History Channel’s popular show Modern Marvels talks about the history of this wonder saw and you can see why it is so popular with regular people and contractors.

What Comes In The Box?

  • · The Milwaukee 6509-22 Sawzall Reciprocating Saw
  • · A Carrying Case (protects the saw when it is being transported and makes it easy for you to carry).  Plus the Case has a round hole in its handle so you can put a regular lock or a cable lock on it.
  • · One Super Sawzall blade

What Do Other Customers Think of the Milwaukee 6509-22 Saw?

Customers who had purchased the Milwaukee 6509-22 Reciprocating Saw awarded it 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars. A 4.8 customer rating is an extremely high customer satisfaction rating, especially when you consider that almost 100 customers submitted a product review. As you can tell from this very high rating, customers were very pleased with their choice of this reciprocating saw. Here are some examples of their very favorable comments:

“Knowing we were going to move on to some serious projects this fall, we did some asking around among professional craftsmen. Turns out the best craftsmen in the trade love their Milwaukee 6509-22 10 Amp Sawzall Reciprocating Saws…

That was enough to convince us and we picked one up for ourselves. So far we’ve found it great when tearing up our bathroom and trimming thick branches away from our roof.  We also felt our purchase was validated when our electrician’s weapon of choice was a Sawzall for installing conduit and a ceiling fan in our first floor bathroom. We look forward to using it to get started on the do-it-yourself projects upstairs this fall.

What have we like so much about it? Well here are our reactions:

It has a neat “quik-loc” blade release mechanism..its installs without any tedious key mechanism, but is very secure.
It’s variable speed trigger works very well for a variety of situations.
The only limitation we found is that the saw only comes with two blades…metal and wood. For owners of old homes, we’re recommend getting special plaster blades. 10 amps is great power, even for the heavier duty work of cutting plaster & lathe.
So if you’re looking for a sturdy multi-purpose cutting tool you couldn’t go wrong with this one.”

“This saw is well balanced, easy to use and simply devours whatever it is you need to cut. The ability to reverse the blade (teeth in the upright position) is a lot more handy than you might think. I first used it to remove the entire floor of an old beer keg cooler which required cutting through sheet metal, 2×4’s, screws and nails and this saw literally “ate” it up. WOW. Comes with a sturdy and roomy hard plastic carrying case with plenty of room for additional blades and other stuff. Buy it, you’ll like it!”

“This saw is the one tool everyone needs to have…it’s the tool that seems like it can cut anything that needs to be cut, except maybe for moldings. So much power, light-weight, blade changes are way easier than they used to be, and it’s an American-made Milwaukee so you know it’ll last. Enough said.”

“Rugged well-built saw which does everything I’ll ever need on the farm. Great service and lowest price from Amazon. I always read reviews on Amazon purchases before I buy, so this is my thanks for other reviewers.”

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Where Can I Purchase The Milwaukee 6509-22 Reciprocating Saw?

You can purchase the Milwaukee Sawzall 6509-22 on Amazon.  Presently, Amazon is selling this saw for about $135 (a substantial savings from the $232 list price), and Amazon will also provide free shipping to shipping  addresses in the lower 48 states.  I have been unable to locate a lower purchase price for this reciprocating saw than what Amazon is selling it for.  Click here to obtain information on the Milwaukee 6509-22 Reciprocating Saw on Amazon.