Makita BSS610 Cordless Circular Saw

Circular Saw Reviews: Makita BSS610 18-Volt Cordless Circular Saw

Which Is The Best Circular Saw For You

If you are a homeowner/do-it-yourselfer like me, you are probably looking for tools that will last a long time (that is, good quality tools), that will make your work/projects easier to do, and that will help you end up with an end product that you can be proud of. I presently have two 7 1/2″ circular saws (a Black & Decker and a Skilsaw) that I have had for many years and both have been adequate for my occasional cutting needs. However, they are also both starting to show their age, and I know that before too long I will need to replace one of them. In researching circular saws that are now available, I was amazed at the features that have been added to some of the circular saws to improve their functioning and to make it easier on the user. After completing my research, I am recommending that if you need to purchase a new circular saw that you purchase the Makita BSS610 Circular Saw. Once you review the features that this saw offers and read the customer satisfaction reviews, I think you will agree with this recommendation.

Features Offered By The Makita BSS610 Circular Saw

• Powerful
• Cordless
• Adjustable Bevel
• Compact Design
• Built-In Dust Blower
• L.E.D. (light-emitting diode) Lamp
• Light Weight
• Warranty
• Other Features

1. Powerful – This saw’s high torque motor provides 3, 700 No Load Speed RPMs (rotations per minute when you are squeezing the trigger but the saw is not cutting anything) which provides the user with faster cutting. The saw uses a 6-1/2″ circular saw blade and has a 5/8″ arbor. (The saw kit comes with a 6-1/2″ 24 tooth carbide-tipped blade.) The saw also has an electric brake which is designed to stop the turning blade quickly after you release the trigger which, in turn, helps increase your productivity.

2. Cordless – The Makita BSS610 is a cordless circular saw. You won’t have to fool with getting out your electric cord, plugging it in, laying it out to where you are going to be cutting (assuming your cord will reach that far), and winding the electric cord back up to put it away. More importantly, you won’t have to keep repositioning your cord around your sawhorses or other cutting surface and worry about your accidentally cutting the cord with your saw. The Makita BSS610 is powered by an 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Battery which provides this circular saw with plenty of consistent power. Two 3.0 AH (Ampere-Hour) Lithium-Ion batteries and a 30-minute Rapid Optimum Charger come in this saw kit. With two batteries and a charger that can recharge a battery in 30 minutes, you will never be without power for your saw. Additionally, the 30-Minute Optimum Rapid Charger earned the ENERGY STAR label from the US Department of Energy by meeting the DOE’s strict energy-efficient guidelines.

3. Adjustable Bevel – The saw provides you with a maximum cutting depth of 1-7/16″ at 50 degrees, a maximum cutting depth of 1-9/16″ at 45 degrees, and a maximum cutting depth of 2-1/4″ at 90 degrees.

4. Compact Design – The 13-5/8″ long saw has a nice, ergonomic shape that fits the user’s hand like a glove and provides the user with easy control of the saw. The soft grip handle provides increased comfort during use as well. The saw blade is located on the left side (like on professional/commercial worm-drive saws) – some users refer to this as a “left-handed” saw – which makes it easier for the user to see where they are cutting.

5. Built-In Dust Blower – If you have used a circular saw before, you will know why this is an important feature. The dust blower keeps the “line of cut” free of sawdust and debris so your cut is nice and straight, and you don’t have to stop every few seconds to blow the sawdust/debris away from your “line of cut” so you can see where to cut.

6. L.E.D. (light-emitting diode) Lamp – Another important feature that does not come on a lot of circular saws. The L.E.D. lamp (light) allows the saw user to see the “line of cut” better. An extremely important feature if you are working in a poorly lighted space (e.g., an attic) or outside when it is getting dark. Additionally, you can turn on the light but not the saw by squeezing the saw’s trigger but without pressing the lock-off lever. To turn on the lamp and run the saw at the same time, just press the lock-off lever and squeeze the trigger with the lock-off lever still being squeezed.

7. Light Weight – This circular saw only weighs 7.6 lbs with the battery. Light enough so it won’t tire you out when you use it but still heavy enough so that it will help hold itself steady in position on the woodpiece when you are cutting.

8. Warranty – The Makita BSS610 comes with a 3-year warranty on the circular saw itself and a 1-year warranty on the 2 batteries and the battery charger. I have always felt that a warranty is a good gauge of the quality of a tool (i.e., what the tool’s manufacturer itself thinks of its own tool’s quality) and this warranty is better than most.

9. Other Features – This circular saw has several other features that are also worth mentioning: (1) a lock-off lever which prevents the saw from unintended starting (e.g., the switch trigger is accidentally squeezed); (2) a pull up-push down lever allows you to easily adjust the saw’s depth of cut; (3) the saw has a place (located toward the back end of the saw near where the battery is inserted) where you can store the hex wrench (hex wrench comes with the saw) that is used to remove or install a saw blade; (4) although the 45 degree and 90 degree adjustments on the saw are pre-set/made at the Makita factory, if for some reason they are off, you can readjust them yourself using a hex wrench (by turning the adjusting screws) and a triangular or square rule; and (5) you can purchase separately a rip fence (to help ensure you make straighter cuts) and also a dust nozzle which can be used to connect the saw to a shop vacuum to help control the sawdust and saw debris.

What Comes In The Box?

• Makita BSS610 Circular Saw
• A 24-tooth Carbide Tipped Blade
• Two 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Batteries
• 30-Minute Rapid Optimum Battery Charger
• Tool Case (hard durable plastic)

Customer Feedback Rating

The Makita BSS610 circular saw kit was rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on the Amazon website by customers who had purchased and used this circular saw kit. This is an extremely high customer satisfaction rating! Additionally, the Makita BSS610Z (just the circular saw itself with no batteries, charger, or case) was rated 4.6 out of 5 stars as well. Here are some of the comments that were made by the customer reviewers.

“This is a great cordless circular saw without the weight of a regular circular saw. After reading many reviews and doing much research, I finally bit the bullet and bought this kit. I was extremely surprised with the power of the saw and long lasting battery. The led light is bright and a great addition, the batteries recharge in just under a half hour and last a very long time of constant use. I purchased this saw for three book cabinet projects that I was building out of 3/4″ cherry plywood and solid 3/4″ cherry wood, I never experienced a problem with the saw or a lack of power to rip 4×8’s 3/4″ cherry plywood. The one thing to remember is that it is a left handed saw but I’m right handed and found no problem using it. I bought an adapter sold by Makita for the saw dust that gets blown out the side and attached a shop vac to it, works great. I can now use the saw in the apartment and not create a mess with the sawdust in which my wife is allergic to it. I’m very happy with my purchase and I would highly recommend this kit for anyone who needs a compact but very powerful saw without the problem of a cord, this would do any job without any problems. Nice job Makita.”

“The BSS610 cordless saw is a 5 star winner!
The saw blade is of sufficient diameter, 6-1/2 inches that you can cut a 2×4 at a 45 degree bevel in one pass.
The saw has ample power. The two Lithium-Ion batteries and rapid charger keep you working continuously, as one in charging as the other is powering the saw.
The base shoe is a machined die cast light weight metal and is of the highest quality and finish.
This saw replaced my 7-1/4 Skill saw and with the blade on the left, as it is on worm-drive commercial saws, I actually find it easier to see what I am cutting as I am right-handed.
The carrying case is a great addition as it holds the charger, two batteries, saw, spare saw blades and rip fence.
This is a contractor quality saw for serious D.I.Y.ers.
I am very glad I now own this 5 star saw.
I would recommend this saw kit to any serious carpenter.”

“This saw is smaller and lighter than expected, which are the keys to its usefulness. I’m grabbing it all the time, especially while I’m doing a siding job right now. The light is not a gimmick at all – it has been very, very useful on several occasions working into dusk or in places without good lighting or (surprise) when I’m looking right into the sun and thus the line is in the shadow of the blade and motor. The brake is useful. I can’t find one fault with this saw – the horizontal handle is actually very comfortable, all the adjustments work smoothly, and I’m even finding that the blade it came with is just fine. Yes it will cut 2x material but no, my Skil 77 is not going into retirement – this is not a framing saw, it’s a great trim saw and an all around convenience.”

“My 35 year old skill, as were ALL worm drive saws used by true carpenters has the blade on the left. We used to call the saws with the blade on the right home owner ‘side winders’. I still don’t like leaning over to see the cut. With the blade on the left you can see the cut directly in front of you and your center of gravity is directly behind the cut. Thanks Makita for another great tool.”

“I already own several Makita LXT tools, so this was an addition to a growing family of cordless tools. After a few cuts, here are some thoughts:
The saw is very well constructed, the controls and adjustments are substantial and do not feel fragile.
The headlight is very helpful and I am very happy that I chose this model over the less expensive one.
This saw is designed for the Makita 3.0 LXT batteries.
Amazon had the best price, best shipping, and best service.
All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase.”

Where Can I Purchase the Makita BSS610 18-Volt Circular Saw Kit?

You can purchase this Makita Circular Saw on Amazon. Presently, Amazon is selling this circular saw kit for less than $325 with free shipping included to shipping addresses in the lower 48 states. This circular saw kit normally lists for $598, so the current Amazon price is over a 45 percent savings. Click here to view the Makita BSS610 Circular Saw on Amazon.

If you just need the circular saw only (but not the batteries, case, and charger), Amazon is selling the BSS610Z for under $145. The normal list price for the BSS610Z is $238.00, so the Amazon price represents a savings of 40% to you. Click here to view the Makita BSS610Z on Amazon.

Where Can I Read More Customer Feedback Reviews for the Makita BSS610 Circular Saw Kit and Makita BSS610Z Circular Saw only?

Amazon is a very good place to read additional customer feedback reviews on the Makita BSS610 and BSS610Z.   Click here to read more reviews from people who have purchased and used this circular saw.