Fiskars Pruning Stik Tree Pruners/Trimmers

My Telescoping Tree Trimmer Review: Fiskars Telescoping Pruning Stik Tree Pruner and Fiskars 62-Inch Pruning Stik Tree Pruner

What Is A Telescoping  (Sometimes Referred To As An “Extendable” or “Extension”) Tree Pruner?

A Telescoping Tree Pruner (also called a Tree Trimmer or a Tree Clipper) is a tool that a homeowner/do-it-yourselfer can use to prune/trim branches and limbs from tall trees, bushes, and shrubs.  The handle of this type of tree trimmer/pruner can be telescoped out/extended out to increase the handle’s length.  In many cases, this allows the homeowner to trim/prune his/her trees, bushes, and shrubs without having to get up on a ladder.  Something most of us prefer not to do – – – not only because you have to get the ladder out, setup it up, move it around as you trim the tree branches, and then put the ladder back in the garage/shed but because of the safety/risk factor of being up on any ladder.

Which Telescoping Tree Pruner Is The Best One To Get?

I have used a number of these (i.e., both fixed length handles and telescoping/extension handles) tree trimmer/pruners over the years.  However, because of the way they have performed, I have never been willing to recommend any of these trimmers/pruners to visitors to this website.  They worked but not well enough to earn my recommendation.  That is until now!  I love tools and I am always on the lookout for tools that will make a homeowner or do-it-yourselfer’s work easier.  Earlier this summer I was reading a book in my backyard and happened to notice one of my neighbors moving down our alley trimming away low hanging tree branches that extended out over the alley.   I could see he was using a telescoping/extension tree pruner of some sort but I couldn’t see the traditional rope hanging down that I was used to seeing on both telescoping or fixed length tree trimmers.  In addition, he seemed to be trimming the branches with very little effort.  I was so impressed that I walked over to the back fence and asked him about the tree trimmer/pruner he was using.  I learned that he was using a Fiskars Telescoping Pruning Stik Tree Pruner.  He showed me its features and demonstrated how it worked, and I was immediately impressed.  Rather than using a rope pulley system, the Fiskars Pruning Stiks use a flat black “strap” that hugs the telescoping pole tightly so you don’t get the tangling that comes with using a rope and rope pulley system.  A couple of days later I ordered both a Fiskars Telescoping Pruning Stik and a non-telescoping 62″ Fiskars Pruning Stik for myself so I could test them out.  After having tested both of these Fiskars pruners/trimmers, I can strongly recommend both of them – – – the Fiskars Telescoping Pruning Stik and the 62-Inch non-telescoping Fiskars Pruning Stik. They both work extremely well and make tree, bush, and shrub trimming much, much easier!   Plus, the Fiskars Telescoping (untelescoped size is 89″ inches in length but can be telescoped out to as much as 12 feet in length) Pruning Stik has an Amazon customer review rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars and the 62-inch Fiskars Pruning Stik has an even higher Amazon customer review rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Features I really Like On The Fiskars Telescoping/Extendable Pruning Stik

  • · Cuts Easily – The clippers on this pruner/trimmer work very well.  The cuts are clean and quick with very little effort on your part.  It was actually this ease in cutting by my neighbor that first caught my attention.  The inner diameter of the clipper’s mouth will allow you to cut branches up to 1 1/4″ in size.  The strap mechanism that this trimmer uses works far better than any rope pull system that I have ever used.  The flat strap lies fairly tightly up against the pole so there is little chance of the strap getting tangled (or in your way) like a rope system often does.  Plus, you can perform the cutting either by pulling down on a sliding handle that is located about 2/3rds of the way down on the trimmer’s handle or by pulling down on the orange knob at the end of the trimmer’s handle.  Normally, you will use the sliding handle but using the knob comes in handy when you need to get a little more reach with your trimmer.

  • · Adjustable Head – This is a feature that I have really grown to appreciate as I have used/tested these two Fiskars Pruning Stiks.  None of the telescoping/extension pruners that I had owned before had this feature.  They all had the traditional hook the “mouth” of the pruner over the branch and pull the rope to cut off the branch.  However, as was often the case, other lower branches often made it difficult to get the “mouth/hook” of the pruner in place without a lot of extra positioning, and sometimes you just couldn’t do it unless you climbed up in the tree or cut off the lower branches first.  The Fiskars Pruning Stik has an adjustable head that allows you to rotate the “mouth” of the pruner up to 230 degrees.  I was skeptical at first about how valuable this feature would actually be but as I used the Fiskars Pruning Stik it became more and more evident about how useful and valuable this feature actually is – – – especially in cutting branches that are growing upwards or downwards rather than just to the side.  All you have to do is just eyeball the angle that the branch is growing at, adjust the trimmer’s head to the best angle for positioning the “mouth” of the trimmer/pruner around the branch, put the trimmer up into the tree/bush/shrub, insert the trimmer’s “mouth” over the branch, and cut the branch.  Really a quick and easy process!  I have really learned to appreciate this feature on branches that are growing straight up or down.  It was always very difficult to cut these types of branches with the old style hook trimmers.

  • · Good Easy Cutting Saw Blade – The Fiskars Telescoping/Extendable Pruning Stik comes with a 15″ WoodZig saw blade.  The WoodZig saw blade is a high quality cutting blade that cuts on the down stroke – – – cutting only on the down stroke helps keep the saw blade from binding.  Plus, the saw blade can be positioned in four different cutting angles (provides an angle difference of about 45 degrees) to make your sawing easier.  The positioning is easy to accomplish  – – – just remove the wingnut, move the saw blade to the angle you want, and then reattach the wingnut.  A very quick and easy process!  (Tip:  When cutting large tree limbs with any extension tree trimmer/pruner, I always set the saw blade to the widest angle possible.  Cutting large tree limbs always takes a lot of time and effort (and with me a number of rest breaks).  Using a wide angle on the trimmer’s saw blade allows me to hook the saw blade in the cut over the top of the tree limb.  Thus, I can leave the extension trimmer hanging down with the saw blade caught in the cut while I take a break.  Word of Caution: Just be sure the saw blade is securely stuck in the cut before you turn loose of the trimmer/pruner.) Note also that the saw blade and the pruning head cannot be used at the same time.  You will need to remove the whole saw blade attachment (that is, both the saw blade and the saw blade holder) when you want to use the pruning head clippers.  Doing this removal is a very quick and easy process.  Just unscrew the wingnut on the holder, remove the bolt from the holder, snap off the holder from the trimmer’s pole, and put the bolt and wingnut back on the holder so you don’t lose them.  That’s it!   Like I said a very quick and easy process.  (Please also note that the Fiskars 62-inch Pruning Stik does not have a saw blade, just the pruning head clippers.)

  • · Light Weight – If you have ever used a telescoping or extendable tree saw for any length of time, you will already know why this is important.  Most of us are not used to holding any tool up above our shoulders/head for any length of time – –  which is what you have to do when you use a tree trimmer/pruner.  Choosing a light weight tree trimmer is very important and a must.  Choosing a heavy tree trimmer will almost guarantee that after the first few uses it will end up sitting in your garage or shed unused.  The Fiskar’s Telescoping Pruning Stik weighs just 4 1/2 pounds, and the Fiskar’s 62-Inch Pruning Stik weighs less than 2 pounds.

  • · Locking Mechanism – One thing that is often overlooked on telescoping/extendable tree trimmers are their locking systems.  I used a pretty good extendable trimmer for a while but its biggest drawback was that its locking mechanism on the pole did not work well.  It was always slipping  – – –  making cutting with it very difficult and very frustrating to say the least.  The telescoping pole lock on the Fiskars Telescoping Pruning Stik works very well.  The thumb/finger lever locking system is very easy to use and securely locks the pole into place at whatever position length you have extended the trimmer to.  Plus, the thumb lock on the adjustable head works very easily and very well – – – securely locking the trimmer head at whatever angle you position it at.

  • · Warranty – Warranties are an excellent way to see what a company thinks about its own products.   Fiskars  provides a lifetime warranty on both of these tree trimmers/pruners.

Where Can I Purchase Either The Fiskars Telescoping Tree Pruning Stik or The Fiskars 62-Inch Pruning Stik?

You can purchase, read customer reviews on, or just obtain additional information on either of these two Fiskars tree pruners/trimmers on AmazonCLICK HERE to view the Fiskars Telescoping Pruning Stik or CLICK HERE to view the Fiskars 62-Inch Pruning Stik.