Earthway 2150 Lawn Spreader

My Lawn Spreader Review: Earthway 2150 Spreader

Why Get A Commercial Type Lawn Spreader?

The answer is simply that they work better and last longer than non-commercial grade spreaders.    When I first bought my home, I would buy the cheaper non-commercial grade spreaders.  However, I soon learned that not only were they hard to use, but after 2-3 years I would have to throw them away because they either broke (usually the wheel, wheel’s axle, or handle) or rusted.   Commercial grade spreaders (like the Earthway Spreader) work much better and last much longer!  As one user commented about the Earthway 2150: “This is not the toys you see at the home improvement and hardware stores.”. If you need a lawn spreader, I strongly recommend the Earthway 2150.

Why The Earthway 2150 Commercial 50-pound Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader?

In researching the available walk-behind style commercial spreaders, what first caught my eye was the extremely high level of satisfaction reported by customers who had purchased and used the Earthway 2150 spreader.   There was a sizable number of Amazon reviewers and the average rating for this spreader was over 4.8 stars (out of a possible 5 stars).  This high a rating is very unusual when you have a large number of customers providing feedback.   As the old saying goes, “You can’t please everyone”.   No other spreader came close to the Earthway 2150 in terms of customer reviews provided and customer satisfaction rating level.

What “MUST HAVE” Features Do You Want On Your Lawn Spreader?

The second thing I looked for was whether or not a spreader had all of my “must have” features:

  • · Easy To Push
  • · Durably Made
  • · Can Hold At Least 50 lbs of Contents
  • · Has Adjustable Spreader Gauge Control With Full Shutoff
  • · Has Adjustable Length Handle
  • · Provides Even Spreading

My “MUST HAVE” Feature Review of the Earthway 2150 Spreader

1.  Easy To Push – The Earthway 2150 has 13″ (33cm) diameter pneumatic tires with rust proof poly rims.  That size of diameter tire allows the user to easily push the Earthway Spreader over the uneven parts of their yard.   (Customer Comments:  Numerous Amazon customers mentioned how easy the Earthway 2150 was to push even over rough ground (e.g., “The unit rolls very well, and with its big pneumatic tires, it easily rolls over my uneven turf.”).  No one mentioned any problems.)  Must Have Feature: MET

2.  Durably Made – This spreader has a heavy-duty frame with a 175-pound load-bearing capacity.   The spreader comes with a 5-year limited warranty.  (Customer Comments:  The Earthway Spreader’s well-made rugged construction was another feature repeatedly mentioned by the users with many of them indicating they thought the spreader would last a long, long time (e.g., “The 2150 is very ruggedly built and may outlast me – – – I need to include it in my will!”.)  One user indicated that after several uses his spreader’s gearbox jammed up but he was the only commenter who mentioned this problem.  Must Have Feature:  MET

3.  Can Hold At Least 50 lbs of Contents – The Earthway 2150 comes with 1325 cubic inch capacity hopper and can hold up to 50 lbs of fertilizer.  (Customer Comments:  Only a few users mentioned the 50 lb capacity of the spreader, and no user mentioned it negatively (e.g., “The 50-pound capacity is perfect because if you get any more product than that in a push spreader it makes it very difficult to push.  I would highly recommend this spreader.”).  Must Have Feature: MET

(NOTE:  If you want a lawn spreader with a little larger capacity, I recommend that you look at the Earthway 2050P Estate 80-Pound Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader.  It is a comparable quality spreader, has a 80-pound capacity, and was rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by Amazon customers who had purchased it.  Click here to view more information on the Earthway 2050P 80-Pound Broadcast Spreader.)

4.  Has Adjustable Spreader Gauge Control With Full Shutoff – The Earthway Spreader has an adjustable spreading rate control with a shut-off plate.  (Customer Comments: Only a few users commented about the spreader gauge control or the shut-off plate, and they were complimentary (e.g., “The dispersion rate adjustor knob may look primitive, but it really works well and the feed on/off lever is really smooth.”).  However, there were a number of comments about the importance of reading/using the chart provided with the spreader.  The chart tells where the user should set the spreader’s gauge control depending on the product they are spreading.  Must Have Feature: MET

5.  Has Adjustable Length Handle – The Earthway 2150 has an adjustable handle which can be set at 3 different positions (lengths) depending on the physical height or desire of the user.  (Customer Comments:  Several users mentioned this as an important feature for them and indicated where they set their handle for their height (e.g., “I am 5’9″ and went with the lowest setting for the handles and it’s perfect.  I tried medium but it was too tall for my comfort.  Maybe if I were 6′ it would be o.k.”).  Must Have Feature: MET

6.   Provides Even Spreading – The spreader has a patented “Ev-N-Spred” 3-hole drop system to ensure even fertilization.   Most spreaders only have a single drop hole.   (Customer Comments:   Several users commented about how evenly the Earthway 2150 spread its contents (e.g., “This spreader from Earthway is much more precise and puts the product where you want it when you want it.”) – – –   although one user indicated they were disappointed with “… the inconsistent pattern of the spreading” but did not provide any additional information on what they meant).  No other users mentioned that their Earthway 2150 spreader spread unevenly. Must Have Feature: MET

Things To Be Aware Of

1.  The most often mentioned concern about the Earthway 2150 was that it came disassembled and that it took time to assemble it.  The assembly time varied quite a bit among the users.  After reading all the user comments, you probably need to allow between 1-2 hours to assemble the spreader.  Completely reading the assembly instructions before you start assembling the Earthway Spreader seemed to greatly shorten the assembly time.  In addition, one user suggested that during assembly, you have a small ruler to measure the length of the different bolts and screws.  I would also suggest that you print out a copy of the Earthway 2150’s owner manual from the website.  The manual contains both assembly and operating instructions.  Also, with the 2150 model,  Earthway provides a “Lifetime Technical Support Hot Line”  as well as a tech support e-mail address that you can call/use if you decide you need help.

2.  Rock salt and powdered materials should not be used in the Earthway 2150 as these items may damage the spreader’s gearbox.  The spreader’s gears are permanently lubricated at the factory.  Never open the gearbox as dirt may get inside.  This spreader is designed to spread granular materials.

Overall Customer Feedback

As reflected in its 4.8+ out of 5 star Amazon customer satisfaction rating, almost all users were extremely pleased with their purchase of the Earthway 2150 lawn spreader.  Examples:

“This is the best spreader I have ever used hands down!”

“I’m very happy with this spreader and would recommend it to anyone.”

“If I were designing a broadcast spreader, this is exactly how it would be.”

“Highly recommended.”

“This spreader is worth every penny.”

“I expect to get many years of service from it.”

Where Can I Purchase the Earthway 2150 Lawn Edger?

You can purchase the Earthway 2150 on Amazon.  At this time Amazon is selling the Earthway 2150  for around $110.  In addition, Amazon presently provides free shipping to shipping  addresses in the lower 48 states.  This is a quality commercial lawn spreader at a very good price.  Click here to view the Earthway 2150 on Amazon.