Black And Decker’s Alligator Lopper – – – A True Story

Last week, my neighbor across the street was doing a lot of tree trimming on a row of ornamental pear trees that he had along his sidewalk.  The trees were all very tall with branches about 3-4 inches in diameter and about 12-18 feet long.  He was having to do a lot of trimming on the trees because some of the tree  branches were pressing against his wooden fence and several of the trees were getting so large that they were actually affecting the growth of a large red oak that he had in his backyard.

Knowing that the city bulk pickup crew would only pick up branches that were 6 feet or shorter in length and also that, with the large number of tree branches that he was cutting down, it would take him a long time and a lot of hard work to cut up all of those limbs, I took my Black and Decker Alligator Lopper over to him and offered to let him borrow it.  He said he had not used one before so I took a minute to show him how it worked and also pointing out the great safety feature that the Lopper has that you have to have a hand on each handle’s trigger or the Alligator Lopper won’t work.  He was very impressed with it, especially that it was battery-powered.   I also mentioned that I had used the Alligator Lopper to help cut the roots of two stumps I had dug out earlier in the week so I didn’t know how much power was left in the battery since I had not recharged it.  He thanked me and said he would try it out on the branches

About 30 minutes later, he brought the Alligator Lopper  back to my house.  Sure enough, the battery’s power had finally run out.  But, before it had run out, he said he had been able to cut up most of the branches and that the Alligator Lopper had saved him at least an hour of hard work hand sawing the branches down to the required six foot length.  He was really impressed with how well the Alligator Lopper worked, and so I told him I would recharge the battery and that he could borrow it to cut up the remaining branches.

This is not a made up story but just another example of how useful and helpful it is to have a Black and Decker Alligator Lopper.   Whether you are trimming trees, cutting down brush, cutting up fallen tree limbs, or digging out stumps, the Alligator Lopper is a tool you want to own.