Black And Decker HT012 Hedge Trimmer

My Hedge Trimmer Review: The Black and Decker HT012 Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer and the Black and Decker NHT518 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

What A Great Hedge Trimmer!

I have owned and used my Black & Decker HT012 (Corded) Electric Hedge Trimmer for almost 2 years now and have been absolutely delighted with it. No problems at all with this trimmer, and a real pleasure to use. Its light, powerful, durable, and affordable! If you need a well-made, dependable hedge trimmer, you can stop your searching. I strongly recommend the Black and Decker HT012 (Corded) Electric Hedge Trimmer to you. (Note: However, if you prefer a cordless hedge trimmer rather than one that uses an electrical extension cord, you might want to take a look at the Black and Decker NHT518 18 V (volt) Cordless Dual Action Hedge Trimmer. I have never owned the NHT518 model cordless trimmer (I personally prefer to use an electrical corded hedge trimmer) but from my review of the available material on this cordless model, the Black and Decker NHT518 (cordless) trimmer is of comparable quality and features to my B&D HT012 (corded) hedge trimmer and had a very favorable customer feedback rating of over 4.2 stars on Amazon’s 1-5 customer satisfaction rating scale as rated by customers who had purchased and used this trimmer.)

Important Features On The Black & Decker HT012 Hedge Trimmer

• 3.2 Amp Motor
• 22″ Dual Action Blade
• Weighs Only 5.79 lbs
• Comfortable To Hold Handle
• Lock “ON” Switch
• Lock “OFF” Switch
• Extension Cord Retainer
• Minimal Assembly Required
• 2 Year Warranty

1. 3.2 Amp Motor provides plenty of power and 3,400 cutting strokes per minute.

2. 22″ Dual Action Blade is made of high quality, rust resistant, hardened steel that does not need to be re-sharpened. It has the perfect blade length for a hedge trimmer – – – not too short (to cause you extra work) and not too long (to make it awkward to use). It allows you to cut on both sides of the blade so you can cut your hedge as you move your trimmer forward and also cut your hedge as you move your trimmer backward. The blade has a 5/8″ cutting capacity and also has 40 percent less vibration than a single blade trimmer.

3. Weighs only 5.79 pounds which means a lot to you the user if you have a large amount of trimming to do.

4. Lock “ON” Switch (a very nice feature) allows the user to start the trimmer cutting and then lock the trimmer’s trigger in place so the user does not have to keep squeezing the trigger. The Lock “ON” feature keeps the trimmer cutting and saves your hand from becoming cramped.

5. Lock “OFF” Switch (also a very nice feature) keeps the trimmer from accidentally starting. The user must pull back the Lock “OFF” Switch with their thumb and then squeeze the trigger before the trimmer will start.

6. Extension Cord Retainer allows you to loop the extension cord in the hedge trimmer handle and lock the extension cord in place to keep the extension cord plug from being pulled loose as you perform your trimming.

7. Minimal Assembly is required to put the hedge trimmer together. It comes in just two pieces. To assemble it, you just have to insert the trimmer blade in the handle/barrier assembly and then slide the handle barrier assembly up until it clicks into place against the trimmer’s motor housing. Then using a Phillips screwdriver insert two screws. That’s it for the assembly!

8. A Full Two Year Warranty is provided by Black & Decker just in case something should go wrong with the trimmer.

Customer Feedback Rating

The Black and Decker HT012 was rated 4.3 out of 5 stars by customers who had purchased this hedge trimmer on Amazon. The vast majority of customers were extremely pleased with their purchase. Examples of the positive comments included:
“The hedge trimmer is exactly as advertised. The item’s 22 inches dual-action blade makes it ideal to work with most hedge types. I strongly recommend it.”
“I have a lot of shrubs and smaller trees that this item works great on, to keep them shaped and trimmed. Its light enough that I have no problems using it myself. I would definitely recommend this item to others.”
“This trimmer met and exceeded my expectations. I had been using a smaller 16″ trimmer and could not believe the difference with this more powerful 22″ trimmer. I have already used it a couple of times and it works great.”
“Trimmer is very light, cuts thru limbs up to 1/2 inch very easily and its wide swath makes fast work of the task at hand. I liked the safety guard and extension cord connection and holder. Great product for the money from Amazon and fast free shipping.”
“Bottom line, I am amazed at how well this works. I am not a big fan of the Black and Decker brand but I was pleasantly surprised with this little gem.”

You can read additional customer feedback reviews on this hedge trimmer by clicking here.

Any Customer Complaints?

One user did raise two concerns about the hedge trimmer they had purchased. The first was that the extension cord plug kept falling out of the hedge trimmer. (The user did not indicate whether she had the extension cord looped into the extension cord retainer in the trimmer’s handle which should have helped keep the extension cord plug connected to the trimmer.) I checked this on my own HT012 hedge trimmer and did not have the same problem. The two prong outlet on the trimmer held the extension cord plug firmly in place. On her trimmer, it may have been that the two outlet prongs on the trimmer needed to be pushed together a little more (you can easily do that with either a needle nose pliers or your thumb and forefinger) to ensure a good tight fit for the extension cord plug. The second concern the user raised was that her trimmer’s trigger kept jamming. When her extension cord would fall out, the trimmer would stop working. She would take her fingers off the trigger in order to plug her cord back in and as soon as she put the plug back in, the trimmer would start operating. I tried to duplicate this same problem with my own trimmer but could not do so as long as I squeezed the trigger and then released it. Squeezing the trigger and then releasing it disengages the lock “ON” feature, and the trimmer will stop operating. It may be that she was not squeezing the trigger before releasing it. Even with these two concerns, the user thought “everything else operates beautifully”.

Where Can I Purchase the Black and Decker HT012 22″ Electric Hedge Trimmer?

You can purchase the B&D HT012 Hedge Trimmer on Amazon. At this time Amazon is selling this hedge trimmer for less than $50. In addition, Amazon presently provides free shipping to shipping addresses in the lower 48 states. This is a great price for this hedge trimmer. Click Here to purchase the Black and Decker HT012 Hedge Trimmer.

If you are interested in a cordless hedge trimmer. You can obtain more information on the Black and Decker NHT518 cordless model hedge trimmer by Clicking Here.