Werner AA8 Televator Attic Ladder

My Attic Ladder Review: Werner AA8 Televator (Telescoping Attic Ladder)

Werner® AA8 TelevatorHave unused space in your attic that you would like to use for storage but you don’t have the ceiling access space size needed to install a regular attic ladder?  A Telescoping Attic Ladder is the answer to your problem.

What is a Telescoping Attic Ladder?

A Telescoping Attic Ladder is a specially designed attic ladder that can be installed and used in a much smaller space than a regular attic ladder.  This is the most important and key advantage that telescoping attic ladders provide. (For example: A regular attic ladder usually requires for installation in your ceiling a rough opening size of approximately 22″ – 26″ by 47″ – 55″.  The Werner AA8 (and AA10) Televators only require a 22′ by 22′ rough opening size for installation and use.  That’s quite a difference!)  And just like its name, a telescoping attic ladder operates the same way a telescope does when you open and close it.

If a telescoping attic ladder design will give you the ceiling access to extra storage space that you have always wanted, I strongly recommend that you consider the Werner AA8 Televator (if your ceiling height is between 7’4″ and 8’4″) and the Werner AA10 Televator (if your ceiling height is between 8’4″ and 10’3″).   Please note that the Werner Televators can not be used if your ceiling height is less than 7’4″.

Other Key Features That I Feel Make The Werner Televator The Telescoping Attic Ladder To Buy

1. Sufficient Load Rating – You want to have a load rating of at least 250 lbs for your telescoping attic ladder.  Both the Werner AA8 and AA10 have a 250 lb rating.

2.  Made Of Aluminum – A personal preference I readily admit, but I no longer buy any type of attic ladder unless the ladder is made of aluminum.  Wood ladders certainly work (I have used them in the past); but they do not provide me with the feeling of security climbing up and down the stairs – particularly after they have been in use for a couple of years – that an aluminum ladder provides.

3.  Non-Marring Feet – The aluminum feet of the Werner ladders are covered to keep the ladder’s feet from scratching your floor.

4.  Easy Installation – Almost all of the customers who provided reviews of this product on Amazon, reported that it was easy to install.  Werner advertises that this is a one-person installation job, and many of the Amazon reviewers indicated that they had installed the ladder by themselves.  However, I would recommend that you enlist the aid of a friend to help you install the ladder.  Using a second person should make your installation easier, faster, and probably more fun.  Special Note: The Televators do not come with an opening door.  You will have to make one.   Werner recommends that the door be  made from 1/2″ plywood which is cut 1 1/2″ wider and 1 1/2″ longer than the size of your attic door opening.  Since the ceiling openings cut by different installers will vary some, I’m sure this is why a pre-cut door does not come with ladder.  Most of the Amazon reviewers indicated no problems in cutting or installing the door.  In addition, Werner provides instructions for both making and installing the attic door.

Customer Feedback Rating

The Werner AA8 Televator was rated 5 out of 5 stars on the Amazon website.  Most customers were extremely pleased with their purchase.  Examples of the comments included:

  • “I bought an 8′ televator ladder.  The ladder installation was simple.  The instruction was great (and I am not a handy person).”
  • “This is a well built, well designed ladder.  The instructions are well written.  The design engineering makes installation very easy.”
  • “This product is great for DIY (Do It Yourself) installation.”
  • “This is the perfect solution to our small attic opening.”
  • “Finally — a pull-down attic ladder for homes with small attic openings!!!”

Where Can I Purchase a Werner Televator

You can purchase both the Werner AA8 Televator and the Werner AA10 Televator on Amazon. At this time, Amazon is selling the Werner AA8 for about $220 and the Werner AA10 for about $230.  In addition, Amazon presently provides free shipping to shipping addresses in the lower 48 states.  Click here to view the Werner AA8 and Werner AA10 Televators on Amazon.

Where Can I Read More Customer Feedback Reviews for the Werner Televators?

Amazon is a very good place to read additional customer feedback reviews on the Werner AA8 and AA10 TelevatorsClick here to read more reviews from people who have purchased and used these telescoping attic ladders.