Superior Submersible Utility Pump 91250

Submersible Utility Pump Review: Superior Pump 91250 1/4 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump

Choosing a Submersible Utility Pump (Water Pump)

Superior Pump 91250
Looking back over the years, I can only shake my head and think “how stupid of me”.  If I had only known how easy a submersible utility pump is to operate (if you can attach a garden hose and push in an electrical plug then you can operate one), how inexpensive they are, and how many things you can use them for.  What finally brought everything to a head (or turned the light bulb on in my mind) was a foot of standing water under my pier and beam house for the second time in a month.   Our yard had a bad drainage problem.  [My usual methods were to either use the “bucket method” (I literally bucketed the water out through the crawl space opening in my house) or the “rent an industrial grade pump and hose from the local hardware store” method to put in my crawl space to pump the water out.  The first method was especially backbreaking and time consuming.  The second method was not quite as backbreaking but it was even more time consuming and, of course, a lot more expensive.]   I remember disgustedly saying to myself “I’ve had enough – – –  there has to be an easier way” and there was.  Purchasing my own submersible utility pump.

After buying and using my own pump, I quickly learned that I didn’t need a heavy industrial grade pump – – – that a smaller pump is extremely easy to move and use, that a smaller pump can handle my pumping needs just as well, that it can be used in a lot of different ways (pools, hot tubs, basements, garages, low places in your yard), and that, most importantly, it kept my stress level from skyrocketing whenever there was a heavy rain.

If you are a home owner or a business owner and don’t already have a submersible utility pump, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you get one, and I recommend you buy the Superior Pump 91250.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing A Submersible Utility Pump

  • · Maximum Lift Level
  • · Discharge Hose Size
  • · Pump Weight
  • · Pump Dimensions
  • · Side or Top Discharge Hose Connection

1.  Maximum Lift Level – This is probably the most important feature to consider when buying your pump.  The key question is: How high does your pump need to lift the water before it pushes the water out through the hose?  If you live in a one-story house, using the pump in the crawl space under your home, and running the hose out through the back door, you probably only need a “lift” of about 3 – 4 feet.  If you are using your pump in your basement and running the hose out an upper window in the basement, you will probably need a lift of 8 – 10 feet.  The Superior 91250 pump has 1/4 horsepower motor which can lift water up to 25 feet of vertical height.  At a lift level of 0 feet, it pumps up to 30 gallons per minute (or 1800 gallons per hour).  At a lift height of 5 feet, the Superior 91250 pumps up to 22 gallons per minute, and at a lift height of 10 feet, 20 gallons per minute.  I think the 1/4 HP Superior pump motor is more than adequate for most home or business owner needs.  (NOTE: If you believe you need a larger pump that produces a higher flow rate, I recommend that you consider the Superior 91330 submersible utility pump which can pump up to 40 gallon per minute at a lift level of 0 feet.)

2.  Discharge Hose Size – Just like the lift height, the size of the pump hose also affects the pump output performance (that is, the smaller the size of the hose, the lower the output).  However, I have personally found that the use of a regular size garden hose with a garden hose adapter for my pump is more than adequate to take care of any of my water removal needs.  The Superior 91250 has a 1 1/4″ discharge opening.  It also comes with a garden hose adapter which allows the user to attach the adapter to the pump, then attach a regular size garden hose to the adapter, and thus use the garden hose to remove the water.   Using your garden hose also saves you the expense of purchasing a larger pump hose to use with a pump.

Superior Pump 912503.  Pump Weight – Since you will be lifting, lowering, and moving the pump, you want a pump that is not too heavy.  The Superior 91250 weighs only 8 pounds which makes it easy to handle.  Many pumps are 1 – 2 pounds heavier.  In addition, the Superior 91250 has a conveniently placed and comfortable to use handle on the top of the pump which allows you to easily raise, lower, and carry the pump.

4.  Pump Dimensions – This can be a very important factor for you to consider.  If the physical size of the pump is too large to fit into the space you will need to operate in, the pump will not be very useful to you.  The Superior 91250 pump’s base size (i.e., the “footprint”) is only 6″ by 6″ which allows the pump to be used in small spaces or small sump pits.

5.  Side or Top Discharge Hose Connection – This can also be an important factor to consider.  If the space you will be operating the pump in is pretty narrow, you will normally want the hose discharge connection on the top of the pump.  (Note: Even if your pump base will fit in the space you need to place the pump in, you still may not have enough room in the space to attach the discharge hose to the pump if the hose connection is on the side of the pump.)  The Superior 91250 has it’s discharge hose connection on the top so it can fit into and be used easily in those small cramped spaces.

Other Nice Features About the Superior 91250

Ø  The Superior 91250 pump’s electrical power cord is 10 feet long; whereas many submersible pumps only have an 8 foot power cord.  This feature may or may not be important for you depending on where you are going to set your pump and how far away the nearest electrical outlet is located.  But I personally prefer the flexibility that the extra 2 foot of power cord provides.  If you have an 8 foot cord and your electrical cord is a foot or two farther away, this saves you the inconvenience of locating a short extension cord and then connecting (and taping) the ends of the two cords together.

Ø  Another nice feature is that the Superior 91250 has a 1 year warranty on the oft chance that anything should go wrong with the pump.

Ø  Although the Superior 91250 is not designed to be a trash pump or sewage pump (that is, pump out mud, leaves, etc), it can handle solids in the water up to 1/8″ in size.

Customer Feedback Rating

The Superior Pump 91250 was rated 4 1/2 out of 5 stars on the Amazon website by customers who had purchased and used the Superior 91250.  Almost all customers were extremely pleased with their purchase.  Examples:

Ø  “Pump is just what I was looking for.  It works great, the hose attachment was perfect and the directions were complete.”

Ø  “Fantastic!!!!”

Ø  “This was exactly what I was looking for and the pump arrived in record time.  Great!”

Ø  “During the largest rainfall Chicago has ever seen, this pump came in very handy.”

Ø  “This thing is amazing.  I have it in my sump well next to my ‘real’ sump pump and this one pumps twice as fast as the old one.”

Ø  “I am very happy with this pump and I think it will last a good long time.”

Where Can I Purchase the Superior 91250 1/4 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump?

You can purchase the Superior Pump 91250 on Amazon. Presently, Amazon is selling this pump for less than $60 with free shipping included to shipping  addresses in the lower 48 states.  Click here to view the Superior Pump 91250 on Amazon.

Where Can I Read More Customer Feedback Reviews for the Superior Pump 91250?

Amazon is a very good place to read additional customer feedback reviews on the Superior 91250Click here to read more reviews from people who have purchased and used this pump.