Headlamp Review: Coast HL7 Headlamp

Headlamps are one of the most useful tools you can have.  Whether you are working in a dark corner of your attic or garage, repairing a light on the ceiling in a dark closet, trying to spot an oil leak from underneath your car or truck, moving in the crawl space under your house, or just trying to complete a project in your yard after the sun has gone down, a headlamp is a tool that you want to have.  If you need “light” but also your two hands to work with, a headlamp is what your need.  A headlamp can save you time, reduce your stress, and help you to do a better job!  Plus, a headlamp can be very useful when you go camping or are out hiking trails at night!

I personally use and can recommend to you the Coast HL7 Focusing 196 Lumen LED Headlamp.  The HL7 can provide you with up to 196 lumens of light – – – which is more light than I have ever needed for any of my work projects.  (You can adjust the lumen light output anywhere from 3 lumens to 196 lumens.)  The “push down” switch that turns the headlamp off and on is conveniently located on the top of the headlamp where it can be easily reached, and it is a large push down switch so wearing gloves is not a problem.

The headlamp’s dial-style focusing mechanism is also located on the front of the headlamp.  Just grasp the headlamp’s light focusing dial with a thumb and finger and give it one quarter turn clockwise and you can pinpoint the beam of light.  Turn it back one quarter turn (or to anywhere in between) reduces the beam’s pinpointing to a less focused lighting.  With the headlamp’s beam on high you can see about 350 feet and even when you have the headlamp beam on low you can still see about 50 feet.  The headlamp’s light output switch is located on the rear of the headlamp where the batteries are located.  Again, the output switch is large size so you have no problem locating and moving it back and forth with gloves on.

A very important feature on the headlamp for a do-it-yourselfer is that the headlamp light itself can also be easily adjusted downward (as much as by about 75 degrees) which is often needed when working on close in work projects.  All you do is grasp the headlamp light between a thumb and finger and move the headlamp’s light down to whatever position is best for you to work with.  Like I said a very important feature, and a feature you definitely want to have in any headlamp.

The headlamp is powered by 3 triple AAA size batteries which are located in a water resistant case which is located on the rear of the light’s head band.  The batteries are easy to install and easy to replace when they are used up.   Depending on whether you operate your headlamp on high or low will determine how long the battery power lasts.   I have never actually timed the battery life but the headlamp is advertised to last over 5 hours on “high” and over 76 hours on “low”.

Other features that I like about this headlamp are its size and dimensions.  The headlamp (with batteries installed) only weighs 4.8 ounces, and this light weight is balanced between the headlamp on the front of the band and the battery pack on the back of the band.  Plus, the dimensions of the headlamp are about the right size you want in a headlamp.  Not too big so as to be cumbersome and not to small so as to be hard to use.  Plus, if you want to use the headlamp on a helmet the headlamp comes with clips to connect the headlamp band to the helmet.

Amazon customers have given the Coast HL7 Headlamps that they purchased and used a 4.5 out of a possible 5 star rating, which is a very good customer review rating.   Plus, the HL7 gives you the features and power that you want in a headlamp and still is not overly expensive.  I personally have been so pleased with my own Coast HL7 Headlamp that I bought them for my sons.   Buy and use your own Coast HL7, and I am sure you will be pleased.

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