Garant YPSS26U Yukon Sleigh Shovel

My Snow Shovel Review:  Garant YPSS26U Yukon Sleigh Shovel

The Secrets To Shoveling Snow

I personally believe there are 2 secrets to shoveling snow.  First, use a shovel that will allow you to remove the snow as quickly as possible.  Second, do as little actual snow shovel lifting as you can.  When I was in college, the city (after a big snowfall) would pay college students $6 an hour to shovel snow to help remove it from the city‘s sidewalks.  Six dollars an hour was big money back then, and everything sounded great until we realized that our hands and backs could only stand shoveling snow for about 3 hours in the cold windy weather.   It was one of those valuable lessons that I learned while in school that wasn’t taught in the classroom.

After researching the features and the customer satisfaction ratings of the different snow shovels that are available, I am strongly recommending that you purchase the Garant YPSS26U Yukon Euro Sleigh Shovel. This is a light weight high quality shovel that has very high customer satisfaction ratings.

Features of the Garant YPSS26U Yukon Euro Sleigh Shovel

1.  Durably Made – The Garant YPSS26U was made to last.  The body of the shovel is made of durable poly plastic, and the handle is made of steel.  The “business end” of the shovel (that is, the front edge) has a wide steel wear strip along the edge to help protect the shovel and extend its life.  In addition, the shovel’s scoop has been designed and built with ribs to add strength to the scoop.

2.  Perfect Blade Size – This sleigh shovel has a 27 1/2 ” blade which is just the right size for a snow shovel.  Anything bigger than that size makes the shovel awkward to use on narrow sidewalks (you keep hitting the grass edges along the sidewalk with your too wide blade).  While using a smaller bladed shovel means more work for you as the number of passes you have to make and the shovelfuls of snow that you have to empty will increase.  The Garant’s 27 1/2 blade allows you to take a big bite out of the snow each time.

3.  Light Weight – Except for the steel handle and the front edge steel wear strip, the shovel is made of plastic which makes it light weight and very easy to push and use.  The shovel only weighs 14 pounds.

4.  Large Size Scoop – The depth of the shovel’s scoop is 31″ which means it can scoop up a large amount of snow each time before the shovel has to be dumped.

5.   Sleigh Shovel Design – With a sleigh shovel, you rarely have to lift the shovel when you have snow in it.  A sleigh shovel is designed to be pushed into the snow you want to remove, and then when the shovel’s scoop is full of snow, you push and tilt the handle slightly downward and then push or  glide the shovel to where ever you want to dump the snow (usually a snow pile).  Even when you dump the snow, you don’t have to lift the shovel off the ground.  You just tilt it forward pivoting the shovel’s front blade on the ground or pivot the shovel on its side. Needless to say, a sleigh shovel makes it much easier on your back!

6.  Ergonomically Shaped Handle – The shovel has an ergonomically designed handle which also makes its use easier on your back.  The length of the shovel is 61″.

What Do Other Customers Think of the Garant YPSS26U Yukon Sleigh Shovel?

Amazon customers who had purchased this Garant Sleigh Snow Shovel awarded it 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.  A 4.7 customer rating is an extremely high customer satisfaction rating, especially when you consider that 50 customers submitted a product review on this shovel.  As you can tell from this very high rating, most customers were very pleased with their choice of this snow shovel. Only 2 customers rated the shovel lower than 4 stars.  One of the customers said they found the shovel “cumbersome”; the other customer indicated the shovel was hard to push.  However, these two unfavorable comments are at odds with the favorable comments of the 48 other customers who submitted comments. Here are some examples of the favorable comments:

“This thing is amazing. It glides across the ground. I’m up in North Dakota where the snow is powdery but comes in heavily, this product is perfect for these conditions. As someone who stands 6’3 and has consistently had back pain using standard shovels, this thing is a godsend. No more twisting or snow throwing, simply scoop the snow and use the sleigh-smooth bottom to glide onto the nearby ground and dump easily.

I finished my rather large driveway in around 30 minutes, with no pain in my back at all. Could never go back to standard shovels. Thank you Garant, thank you so much for this amazing product!”

“My snow shoveling nightmares are over! This thing is a BEAST. Thanksgiving week we saw over 2 feet of snow fall here in Montana. Today I’m still working on moving snow from THAT storm, before the next one rolls in. WIth a huge nasty driveway down to the cabin on the Yellowstone River I work in, I have to have all the help I can get to get the car up and out on to the main road. The 2 feet of snow has condensed itself, with an icey base layer by now – so I chiseled it with a steel blade to break it up, but then …… brought out the BEAST to scoop and move the snow & ice that was much more like broken up concrete. The BEAST handled it effortlessly and my back is SOOOOO happy 🙂 Want to buy one for everyone I know for Christmas this year. Really!”

“The mother of all snow shovels. Faster and more environmentally friendly than a snowblower. Why aren’t all snow shovels designed like this?”

“Why on earth didn’t I get this thing earlier?

As the title suggests, this is the next best thing to a snowblower. The amount of snow it can clear in one go is simply amazing. Shoveling takes a fraction of the time it used to. It’s HUGE! The heavy duty blade digs right into the snow. Just shove it along until it’s full and push down on the extra-long bars to lift your load up. It slides easily to the side of your path. Give it a bit of a shove and the shovel pops up and over your snow pile. Turn it over on its side and the snow dumps out nice and easy.

The bars are a sturdy, heavy-feeling steel and the plastic is easily twice as thick as most snow shovels. I feel absolutely no give in the plastic even with heavy loads. The aforementioned steel strip on the leading edge is also thicker than most snow shovels and should hold up beautifully. It should last a good long time. A definite buy!”

“Love, love, love it! A co-worker had one and gave a demonstration out in the parking lot. Unbelievably easy to use, moves a #### load of snow without breaking your back & arms (I am a 50+ woman). I can clear the driveway easier & faster with this than maneuvering my tractor around. Loved it so much I bought 2 for friends for Christmas. They were like “uh gee? thanks for the snow shovel?”, BUT, once they used them they were like “wow!, this is the best gift ever!” I paid around $65 each (including tax) special order from the local hardware store. Helpful hint is to spray the shovel with “Pam” or WD 40 prior to using!”

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Where Can I Purchase The Garant YPSS26U Yukon Sleigh Shovel?

You can purchase the Garant YPSS26U Yukon on Amazon. Presently, Amazon is selling this sleigh shovel for about $155.  Click here to obtain information on the Garant YPSS26U Yukon Sleigh Shovel on Amazon.