Earthwise TC70001 Tiller and Cultivator

Tiller Cultivator Review: Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator

Are You “Garden Tired”?

“Garden tired” doesn’t mean that you are tired of planting your seeds and plants and watching the plants and flowers grow.  But rather that you are tired of using a garden fork to turn over the soil in your garden or flowerbeds and a hoe to chop out the grass and weeds in your garden or flowerbeds.  The older I get the more I start looking for tools that will make my life easier.  If you have just a small garden and/or flowerbeds, it would be worth your while to consider buying an electric tiller/cultivator to make your life easier.  They are not overly expensive and easy to use.  After researching the different tillers and cultivators that are available, I am recommending that you purchase the Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller Cultivator. It is less expensive than many of its competitors and has a higher customer satisfaction rating than other tillers/cultivators.

(Note: If you have a large garden (e.g., 50′ by 100′), I would recommend that you purchase a gas powered tiller/cultivator.  They are more expensive than electric tillers/cultivators and sometimes can be difficult to start but they also eliminate some of the inconveniences of using an electrical cord (e.g., being limited by the distance to the closest electrical outlet, and not having to lay out, move, and roll up the cord).  I have not yet performed my research on the available gas powered tillers/cultivators and so cannot offer my recommendation to you as to which gas powered tiller/cultivator to buy.  However, the Mantis 7225-00-02 and the Husquarna FT900 appear to be two of the most popular.)

Features of the Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator

1.  Power – The Earthwise TC70001 has a 8 1/2 ampere motor which operates on 120 volts.  Numerous customers mentioned that this electric tiller/cultivator had the power to handle hard clay and soil that had not been tilled before.

2.  Weight – This tiller/cultivator only weighs about 25 lbs and therefore is very easy to carry around, lift in and out of your car, truck, or built up garden.  This tiller is also light enough that you can sway it back and forth (that is, from side to side) to also till the hill or mound of soil that is left between the two tilling blades.  All tillers leave this mound of untilled soil due to the location of the tiller’s gear box.

3.  Assembly – Although the assembly instructions themselves are not well done, the assembly of the tiller/cultivator is very easy.  Should only take you 10-20 minutes to assemble.

4.  Tilling Blades – The tiller uses two 4-bladed steel tines to do the work.  The blades provide an overall cutting width of 11 inches and a cutting depth of 8-1/2 inches.

5.  Noise Level – Since this is electrically powered, it is able to operate with a much lower noise level than a gas powered tiller/cultivator.

6.  Wheels – The tiller’s wheels are very easy to raise out of the way when you want to begin tilling and also easy to lower when you are through tilling and want to move the tiller to your garage or garden shed.

7. Storage – Its size and weight make this tiller easy to hang up and store until the next use.

Things To Be Aware Of

1.  The Earthwise TC70001 is in high demand, but Amazon presently has this tiller in stock and ready for immediate shipping.

2.  The tiller does not have a reverse gear which is sometimes helpful when removing grass and weeds from the tiller’s blades.

Tips When Using An Electric Tiller/Cultivator

Tip #1.  Before you begin any tilling, plan out in advance how you will want to till your flower beds and/or garden.  Then determine how best to lay out your electrical cord to make your tilling as quick and easy as possible.

Tip #2.  The Earthwise TC70001 is fairly light so sometimes (rather than pushing it into position) it is easier just to lift it up and place it in the position where you want to till or cultivate (e.g., between two rows of vegetables or flowers).

Tip #3.  If you are going to be adding mulch or top soil to your garden or flowerbed and want to have a nice and deep tilling job when you are through, first completely till the garden/flower bed before you spread on any of the mulch/top soil.  After you have tilled the first time, then spread your mulch and top soil over the tilled area and re-till the mulch/top soil into the area you have just tilled.  It will take longer to do but you will end up with a much better tilled garden/flower bed.

Customer Feedback Rating

The Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator was rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Amazon website by customers who had purchased and used this tiller/cultivator.  This is a very good rating!  Here are some of the many favorable comments about the Earthwise TC70001:

  • “The reason I bought this Earthwise 8-1/2 amp tiller was because of other customers positive reviews. I totally agree. The 8-1/2 amp motor is powerful, the tines are strong, the tiller is light, and the moveable wheels make transporting from one location to another easy. Assembly was easy and took about 20 minutes. The tiller is great around flower beds and previously tilled gardens. Although I believe it would work well starting a small garden from scratch. Keeping track of the electric cord is the only problem I had, besides it being made in China. The tiller is durable, light weight and cost approximately $60.00 less than comparable name brands and models. I strongly recommend it.”
  • “Bought this little gem to get some areas of our yard ready for spring planting. It works great, looks great, and was super easy to assemble. It’s nice and light and easy to maneuver, which is a plus in my book. We would have had to pay more to rent a tiller, so we decided to just buy one. Glad we did!”
  • “I have a small garden about 10 by 10 and this tiller is perfect. I used to have a large garden 30 by 40 and I had a gas tiller, nothing but trouble. This new tiller is absolutely great, very easy to assemble, and very easy to use. When you squeeze the handle it goes forward on its own, when you pull back it goes deeper, when you tilt the machine to the right it goes right, tilt left it goes left. For the price you can’t go wrong, it’s got plenty of power.”
  • “Great product for the price. Easy to assemble. Light weight and powerful for its size. This is a great tool for anyone with a small garden, and it folds up to store on the garage wall.”
  • “I live in the San Fernando Valley of California and needed to break up hard-packed dirt in a pretty big area (40’x10′). I purchased the Earthwise unit with some trepidation, but it’s the best $$ I’ve spent lately. It had no problems breaking up the ground into nice workable soil at least 6″-8″ deep. No overheating, very little wrapping of roots around the axles, even though some sections had quite a bit of wild grass & weeds growing. I have no hesitation in recommending this unit for typical gardening chores. It’s a great timesaver!”

Where Can I Purchase the Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator?

You can purchase the Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator on Amazon. Presently, Amazon is selling this Tiller/Cultivator for around $120 with free shipping included to shipping  addresses in the lower 48 states.  This is very good price for an electric tiller/cultivator. Click here to view the Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller/Cultivator on Amazon.

Where Can I Read More Customer Feedback Reviews for the Earthwise TC70001?

Amazon is a very good place to read additional customer feedback reviews on the Earthwise TC70001.  Click here to read more reviews from people who have purchased and used this tiller/cultivator.