Work Sharp WS2000 Tool Sharpener

My Tool Sharpener Review: Work Sharp WS2000 Tool Sharpener

Are Dull Tools Slowing You Down?

If you are a hobbyist or a do-it-yourselfer, a tool sharpener or grinder is a “must have” tool for you.   If you use cutting tools, sooner or later they will become dull, and once they become dull, they will slow your work down as well as impact the quality of your work.   This is true whether it is an axe, mower blade, chisel, plane blade, shovel, precision wood carving tool, putty knife, pry bar, screwdriver, lathe tool, etc … and as you can see the list is almost endless.  For years I sharpened my tools by hand.  I know some individuals take pride in their hand sharpening.  But to be honest, this was a task I never enjoyed doing!   It was something “to get through with” so I could back to my real work.   If you feel the same way, I want to recommend the Work Sharp WS2000 Metal Workers Tool Sharpener and Grinder to you. The Work Sharp WS2000 will eliminate both a lot of “elbow grease” and guesswork for you and give you a much sharper tool.

Why Am I Recommending This Particular Tool Sharpener?

I am recommending that you choose this tool sharpener and grinder for two reasons:  Its features and its customer satisfaction rating.   When you do a little legwork or online looking (and you probably already have), you find that there are quite a few tool sharpeners or bench grinders being offered by a number of different manufacturers.  However, once you do a comparison of these tool sharpeners and grinders and their features, the Work Sharp WS2000 stands out from the others.

What Features Does The Work Sharp WS2000 Have?

  • · Three different sharpening options: (1) A chisel and plane blade sharpening port; (2) an Edge-Vision Underside Port for sharpening small carving tools and grinding screwdrivers and other small tools; and (3) topside freehand sharpening/grinding.
  • · The WS2000 has a horizontal wheel (not vertical like most sharpeners/grinders) that provides you with both more control and a larger grinding area.
  • · An Adjustable Tool Rest that you can rest your tool on as you do your freehand sharpening and grinding.
  • · The chisel and plane blade sharpening port is 1 5/8″ wide with a fixed 25 degree angle.  It has an alignment fence which helps keep your tool square during sharpening.  In addition, there is a tool hold-down which helps keep your chisel or plane blade flat during its sharpening so you get a strong consistent bevel edge on your tool.
  • · A locking power switch that you can use to turn the sharpener off and on but which has the added feature of a “lock-out key”.  This feature allows you to remove the lock-out key from the off/on power switch.  Once removed, you can turn the WS2000 off but you can’t turn it on.  To turn the sharpener back on, you just have to reinsert the “lock-out key” and move the off/on switch to on.  A nice little feature that will keep your kids from getting hurt.
  • · An 150mm Edge-Vision Slotted Wheel that allows you to see through the wheel so you can actually see the cutting edge of your tool as you sharpen it.
  • · A 1/5 horsepower induction motor which provides a 1,750 RPM (rotation per minute) wheel speed.
  • · The motor is enclosed in a durable housing.  There is a durable cast aluminum top, a durable plastic housing and base, and side and base air-cooling vent ports.  The dimensions are: 10″ Length X 7″ Width X 9″ Height.  It also has a 6′ grounded power cord.
  • · The WS2000 has 3 mounting tabs which allow you to mount it on your bench if you want; but it also only weighs approximately 12 lbs which makes this tool sharpener very portable too.
  • · To sharpen contoured tools (e.g., lathe tools and other curved or v-shape blades), you just slip on a slotted Edge-Vision wheel and look through the wheel as you sharpen the tool edge.  This helps eliminate a lot of the guesswork.
  • · The Work Sharp WS2000 comes with a full 2 year warranty.
  • · In addition to the WS2000 tool sharpener/grinder, you also receive 2 slotted Edge-Vision wheels, 7 150mm adhesive-backed abrasive  disks (3 solid disks and 4 slotted disks), an instructional DVD, and a User’s Guide.
  • · Although it does not come with the WS2000, you can purchase separately a Knife Sharpening System Attachment for the WS2000 that assists you in sharpening kitchen, hunting, pocket, and a host of other knives.

How About Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction with the Work Sharp WS2000 was excellent! Amazon users awarded this tool sharpener 4.5 out of 5 possible stars. Examples of the positive comments included:

“First encountered this machine when an 83 year old professional woodworker and former shop teacher showed it to me. There it was amidst every sharpening jig and stone you could imagine; all of them gathering dust because this is his go to sharpener. He took a very sharp chisel and banged it point on into a steel edge putting divots into it that would make one cry. In 45 seconds he returned it to the drawer sharp enough to shave with. I bought one! Did the same thing and had the same results the first time I used it. What more can I say. This machine makes it almost impossible to not have sharp chisels and gouges and blades always ready and repairable within less than a minute. I keep it plugged in and clear of junk because walking over to it and putting an edge on anything takes only seconds…no oil, no jigs, just slide the tool in the 25 degree ramp hold it for a second or two (only) and a burn free surface emerges. The next higher up model has a few more bells and whistles that are equally functional. If you have the cash it is a bit more versatile but this one does the job for me.”

“I struggled hand sharpening my chisels and plane irons. No more! I took a 40 year+ Stanley chisel from a dull and chipped piece of junk to a chisel the will shave the hair on my arm in less than three minutes. I was about to buy a good set of chisels, but choose the buy the Work Sharp. I figure it cost about $40.00 more. I gained a tool that will keep all my cheap chisels and plane irons razor sharp. I did buy an extra disc and put 400 and 800 wet/dry sand paper on it to hone the final edge and keep my tools razor sharp after each use. It works great.”

“I needed a quick and easy way to sharpen up a number of tools, and this seemed to be the best way to go if I was to do it myself (I’m a good woodworker, not a tool sharpener). The machine is virtually all assembled and the instructions are mercifully short – and best of all, it really works! Put the edge back on four chisels and ten dull turning chisels in no time.  The abrasive disk, which is something like a disk sander, didn’t show much wear at all, so it should be good for another round or three of chisel sharpening. After going to the lathe and having the wood peel off with the newly sharpened chisels like I was peeling an apple (not far from it – it was a chunk of green apple wood!) I would have to say it was well worth the money!”

My Recommendation

As I indicated earlier, if you need a tool sharpener (and every hobbyist and do-it-yourselfer does), I am recommending that you get the Work Sharp WS2000. It gives most of us everything we will ever need in a tool sharpener and grinder.  However, if your situation dictates that you have a tool sharpener which gives you additional options, I suggest you look at the Work Sharp WS3000. It is more expensive, but also has a high customer satisfaction rating and offers its user additional options (e.g., additional angle degree settings, glass wheels).  Click here if you want to view additional information on the WS3000.

Where Can I Purchase the Work Sharp WS2000 Tool Sharpener and Grinder?

You can purchase the Work Sharp WS2000 on Amazon. At this time Amazon is selling the WS2000 for less than $100.  In addition, Amazon presently provides free shipping to shipping  addresses in the lower 48 states.   Click here to view the Work Sharp WS2000 Tool Sharpener on Amazon.