VETO PRO PAC Model LC Tool Bag

Tool Bag Reviews: VETO PRO PAC Model LC Tool Bag

Now Where Did I Put That Tool?

How many of us have had to stop in the middle of a project (or perhaps in packing up our car or truck to go on a job) to look for a certain tool that we need.  I know I have many, many, many times.  I think the one tool that I have to stop and look for the most is a favorite nail puller.  (Normally, a hammer is my tool of choice in pulling nails, but if I break off the head of the nail, I reach for my nail puller which has never failed me.)   I think we all have our favorite tools that we especially like to use.  And it’s not  that we are that disorganized.  It’s just that when you are in the middle of a project, it is too easy to set the tool aside (perhaps stick it in a cabinet or workbench drawer) and forget where you put it.  Then when you need it the next time, you have to waste time trying to locate it.

Misplaced Tool Problem Solved – – – Solution Found

I have used tool boxes and tool trays in the past but stopped using them because the tool boxes were too big and awkward or too small to hold enough tools and the tool trays because they were too easy to tip over and spill the tools.   What I didn’t realize was that the solution to my “misplaced tool” problem was right there in front of me all the time.  A tool bag!  Not too big – – not too small – – not too expensive – – sturdily built — numerous pockets — strong, easy to grip handle.  The solution I found for myself was the VETO PRO PAC Model LC Tool Bag, which I strongly recommend.

Things That I Like About The VETO PRO PAC Model LC Tool Bag

1.  Great Size:  The LC Tool Bag is just the right size to hold both my often used tools and my special use tools (like my nail puller).  It is 19″ high (just 13″ high if you fold the handle down) and has a width of 9.5″ and a length of 13.5″.  VETO advertises that it is big enough to hold 75 hand tools which is easily large enough to handle all the tools I want/need to carry.  (Note: If you do need a larger bag than the VETO Model LC, VETO sells a larger model bag (the XL) that is  a couple of inches longer and higher and is large enough to hold 100 hand tools. I physically examined the Model XL before I bought my Model LC, and it was very nice.  But I decided that the Model LC was just the right size for my needs.)

2.  Ruggedly Built: The body of the VETO Model LC tool bag itself is made of PVC impregnated 1800 denier nylon (a weatherproof fabric).  The bag’s base has a durable waterproof base (3mm thick polypropylene) so you can set the bag on a wet floor and not worry about your tools.  In addition, heavy duty fastenings and oversized zippers are used.  VETO says that although this tool bag is weatherproof that it is not waterproof and not leave it out in the rain.  I’ll take their word for it but this bag is so well made, I just can’t see much water getting inside the bag.  None of the customer reviewers indicated that water penetration was a problem with the bag.  The bottom line is this bag will help protect your tools and also last a long, long time!

3.  Compartments and Pockets: The Model LC has 2 identically sized storage bays, and the bag has 57 different sized and tiered pockets.  One of the things I particularly like is that each bay has two pen/pencil holders where you can stick your extra pens and pencils, and since both bays have these holders, you don’t have to worry about opening the wrong zippered bay when you need to grab that extra pen or pencil.  Each bay also has inside it a small “D” ring on which you can clip your keys or other objects.  In addition, on the outside of the bag on one end, there are two more pencil/pen pockets for you to use and also a larger pocket just about the right size to keep your folding pocket knife in.  On that same side you also have a 5″ nylon strip with a snap-on clip at the end (for attaching your car/truck keys or some other similar item).  On the other side, is a sturdy stainless steel metal clip that you can clip your tape measure on so it is out of the way but also easy to grab.  Each bay has multiple large, medium, and small sized pockets that you can store your tools in.  Another thing I really like about my tool bag is that it holds the vast majority of the tools upright, so by just glancing at the tool head that is sticking out of the pocket you know what tool to grab.   Each bay also has a 10 1/2 inch zippered pocket where you can store things like reciprocating saw blades, carpenters pencils, etc.  In addition, each of the bay flaps has two zippered pockets on the outside for you to keep paperwork or other items in.  Both bay flaps come with button snaps so you can fold up the flap and snap it against a button snap on the bag to keep the flap open and provide you with easy access to the tools in the bay.  As you can see, this is really a user friendly bag.

4.  Padded Shoulder Harness: This VETO tool bag (with nothing in it) weighs a little over 7 pounds.  It has a ruggedly built and easy to grasp ergonomic hard rubber handle that you can use to lift and carry the bag with.   However, another nice feature about this tool bag is that it comes with a 2″ wide  padded high quality shoulder harness that can be clipped to big “D” rings on each side of the bag.  The shoulder harness pad itself is 3 1/2″ wide which makes it easier on your shoulder by distributing the weight of the bag with its tools in it over a wider area.  In addition, if you don’t want to use the shoulder harness, you can roll up the shoulder harness and attach it to either side of the handle by pressing it against the two embroidered velcro discs that are sewn into the fabric that the handle is inserted and riveted to on each side.   However, the shoulder harness is really a nice feature because it frees up one of your hands.  By looping the tool bag’s shoulder harness over your shoulder, you can carry the tool bag but also hold a power tool (e.g., your circular saw or impact driver) in one hand and your electrical cord or some other item in the other hand.  Like I said before, a really useful feature!

5.   Warranty: The VETO PRO PAC Model LC Tool Bag comes with a 5 year limited warranty.  Another good indicator of how well this bag is made.

6.  Price: The price of this tool bag is about $130.  When reviewing the Amazon customer comments, I was surprised to read that several reviewers felt this tool bag was overpriced.  I personally could not disagree more.  In most cases you get what you pay for and quality always costs a little more.  This is a well-designed, well-thought out, and quality bag!  After getting and using this tool bag, I think this bag may even be a little underpriced.  I know I would pay more for it.

Customer Feedback Rating

The VETO PRO PAC Model LC Tool Bag was rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Amazon website by customers who had purchased and used this tool bag.  This is a high customer satisfaction rating and indicates that most of the tool bag purchasers were very pleased with their purchase!   Several reviewers did mention concerns like bag style (open mouth bag versus close mouth style), weight of the bag with tools in it, etc.  My suggestion to you is that you first determine what you personally need in your tool bag and then match those needs up with the features that the VETO Model LC Tool Bag offers and see if the Model LC Tool Bag will meet those needs.  For most of us, it will.   I personally as a customer have not been disappointed with this tool bag at all.  Here are some of the other positive comments that were made by the customer reviewers.

“I have never written review for any product before, but, this time I had to. The Veto Pro-Pac is the nicest, toughest, and most professionally designed tool bag I have ever owned. I am an HVAC-R tech & installer, and this bag holds everything. I believe it comes with a five year warranty, I will be surprised if I don’t get ten to fifteen years of everyday use out of it. If you are in any tech/service industry BUY THIS BAG!!! you will be satisfied. ”

“I am an appliance repair tech and find this bag to stand up to the punishment I deal out. We are in and out of this bag at least 20+ times a day. I liked the bag so much I bought one for my service manager. Great product and worth the investment.”

“I bought this bag, and it really does put all my other tool storage solutions to shame. I like that it keeps everything organized and in view. I can zip it open, roll the panels and snap them down, and put it on my workbench when I’m home – then just zip it up and take it with me if I need to work elsewhere. No more ‘two tool sets’ problems!
Just a note – you can slide a hammer through the large d-rings where the shoulder strap attaches. There are nice touches like this throughout the bag.
Very solidly made, it should outlast me. This is one of my criteria for buying things these days: will it last long enough and do the job well enough that someone will want it after I’ve kicked the bucket? I think the answer is a solid yes with this tool bag.”

“This bag is better than any other bag out there! It is perfect size for the Instrument and Controls Electrician. Especially in an Industrial setting.”

“I have over twenty years in the repair business. I have owned every kind of tool bag, box, even a bucket for a short while. I have lost countless hours searching for tools. I have lost hundreds of dollars in tools that have fallen out and were never seen again. Bottom line! This thing works. I am recommending that all my service technicians purchase one and use it for all their tools.”

Where Can I Purchase the VETO PRO PAC Model LC Tool Bag?

You can purchase this VETO Model LC Tool Bag on Amazon.  Presently, Amazon is selling this Tool Bag for about $130 with free shipping included to shipping  addresses in the lower 48 states.  This Belt Sander is a very well-designed and high quality tool bag.  Click here to view the VETO Model LC Tool Bag on Amazon.

Where Can I Read More Customer Feedback Reviews for the VETO Model LC Tool Bag?

Amazon is a very good place to read additional customer feedback reviews on the VETO Model LC Tool Bag.  Click here to read more reviews from people who have purchased and used this tool bag.