Rubbermaid ActionPacker Cargo Box

My Storage Container Review: Rubbermaid Action Packer Cargo Box (48-Gallon)

Need a Storage Container?

Do you want a place to store your hobby tools (e.g., so the kids won’t try to use them, or just to keep your tools out of plain sight) but don’t have a lot of room in your workspace?  The Rubbermaid Action Packer 48-Gallon Cargo Box may solve your problem.  Or maybe you need something in your truck to store your tools in (e.g., extension cords, battery cables, jump starter, or hand tools)?  Again, the Rubbermaid Cargo Box may be the solution you are looking for.

Features of the Rubbermaid Action Packer Storage Box

  • · Size – 43.8″ Length X 20″ Width X 17″ Height
  • · Weight – Approximately 25 pounds
  • · Stackable – In case you need more than one cargo box for your things, the cargo boxes are designed to be stackable.
  • · Lockable – The cargo box has a lockable latch. In addition, the grooved frame allows you to secure the cargo box with bungee cords.
  • · Weather Resistant – Helps keep out the weather elements if you are using it outside.
  • · Portable – Allows you to take it with you when you need to.
  • · Durable – Rubbermaid quality plastic and rust resistant.

What do previous purchasers of the Rubbermaid 48-Gallon Action Packer Cargo Box Think?

Individuals who had purchased the Rubbermaid Cargo Box rated it 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Examples of the many positive comments included:

“I took this from FT. Bliss to Iraq and so far it has held up 10X better than those flimsy foot lockers that they sell at the exchange.  Definitely worth every penny. Still locked, still in one piece, lid still closes. Looks great, and everything inside is in one piece. wouldn’t trade it for the world. May even buy some more!”

“I bought this box, and bolted it to my small 28 x 48 inch trailer that I pull behind my motorcycle. This box has amazing room, I can fit everything I need for a weekend camping trip in it.”

“I purchased this packer cargo box in lieu of more expensive ATV boxes. I use it on my 650cc ATV to carry a multitude of items, I did add some D rings to hold tie downs to hold items from bouncing around, this works very well and keeps items in their place, it has been used in various weather conditions and suffered no leaks, everything stays dry and in place now.”

“This cargo box is what you call heavy duty. Wished I could have ordered more than one at price I purchased it for, but will buy another later on.”

“Purchased this to store water & toys for a group of us at a Dog Park. It’s (turned out to) be such an excellent product. It is waterproof and very durable. Would highly recommend this for outdoor use.”

“This is a great item!!! Has lots of room and is built tough. I had it out in my patio and was drenched on a rainy day. Had no water leaks and my stuff was dry. I also dropped it by accident and did not make a dent. I’m sure if I drop it hard enough it will make a dent on the corners, but as of now, I love this item. I have purchased another one because it is a great item for storage.”

Things To Be Aware Of

1.  You will need to use a cable-style lock if you want to lock the Rubbermaid 48-gallon cargo box.  The lock latch itself is made of plastic, and if locked, will keep kids and nosy people out (but not someone who is trying to seriously break into it).

2.  This cargo box does not come with handles or wheels.  Instead it has indentations on each end that are used to carry it.  A fully loaded Rubbermaid cargo box may be difficult for one person to carry.  Using two people, moving the cargo box should be easy.  (NOTE: If you want a storage container that has wheels, you would want to look at the Stanley Consumer Storage 50-Gallon Mobile Chest.  It costs more than the Rubbermaid Cargo Box but has a high customer satisfaction rating and has heavy duty wheels plus a steel handle for moving the Stanley Mobile Chest around.  Click here for information on the Stanley 50-Gallon Mobile Chest.

3.  Most customers indicate the Rubbermaid Cargo Box is water-proof; however, a few indicate water has been able to get inside the box.  I have been unable to determine if this is due to an actual manufacturing problem with a small number of the Cargo Boxes or if the cargo boxes that leaked were somehow damaged (e.g., somebody stood on it) after it was purchased and that caused the water penetration.

My Recommendation

If you need one or more good size storage containers (which you won’t be moving around a lot and which either don’t need to be locked or need to be locked up only to a limited extent, I recommend you strongly consider the Rubbermaid 48-Gallon Cargo Box. This is a high quality product at a very good price!   This size of a container is big enough to hold a lot of tools but still small enough to slide easily under a workbench or keep next to it.

Where Can I Purchase the Rubbermaid ActionPacker 48-Gallon Cargo Box

You can usually purchase this Rubbermaid Cargo Box on Amazon, and Amazon is safe to use and provides a very good price.    Click here to see the Rubbermaid ActionPacker 48-Gallon Cargo Box  on Amazon.