Dremel 8200-2/28 Rotary Tool

A couple of years ago, the questions were: What is a Dremel? (Answer: A Dremel is a hand-held rotary sanding/grinding/polishing/etc tool) and Why should I get one? (Answer: The uses and versatility of a Dremel  are many).  But times have changed! Now, the question you hear is :  Which Dremel do you have? The Dremel has become a widely used household tool and hobby tool!

For several years, I have had a Dremel 7700-02 MultiPro 7.2-Volt Rotary Tool.  It works great; and I use it for  a variety of things, but it has become my mainstay when it comes to cleaning the grout in our bathroom.  It almost makes an unpleasant job, pleasant.  However, Dremel has now come out with a new model, Dremel 8200-2/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool, which is more powerful and has more features than my Dremel 7700.

My Review of the Dremel 8200-2/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool

Features of the Dremel 8200-2/28

  • Cordless
  • Powered by Removable 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Right Angle Attachment
  • Battery Fuel Gauge
  • Slim Body with 360-degree Grip Zone
  • Comes with 2 Lithium-Ion Batteries and a 1-Hour Charger
  • Comes with 28 Accessories (mandrels, grinding stones, polishing wheels, cutting bit, etc)
  • Comes in Hard Plastic Carrying Case

My Comments on These Features

1.  Cordless – The Dremel 8200 is light weight (making it easier to use and control) and cordless which means you are not tied down to the length of your electrical cord and your nearest electrical outlet.

2.  Powered by Removable 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery – Dremel advertises that this rotary tool has a speed cut that is at least 2 times faster than other cordless rotary tools.  In addition, independent testing has shown that a single 12-Volt Lithium-Ion battery will power the 8200 for anywhere from 30 minutes to 2-1/2 hours of continuous use depending on the substance you are working on.

3.   Variable Speed Control – rather than having a 2-speed setting like my Dremel 7700-02, the Dremel 8200 has a variable speed slide switch that allows the user to choose speeds between 5,000 – 30,000.  This allows you to set your Dremel’s speed at the RPM rate that is best for the material you are working with (e.g., for grout removal I would change the speed setting to somewhere between 15,000 – 20,000 RPMs).

4.  Right Angle Attachment –  Depending on where you are working and what you are working on, sometimes holding your Dremel rotary tool like you would a flashlight or a pencil is a bit awkward.  The 8200-2/28 comes with a right angle attachment that allows you to hold the tool like you would a drill or hammer.  This attachment allows the user to adjust to the different situations that he or she will be confronted with and makes their job that much easier.

5. Battery Fuel Gauge – This is a really great feature that lets you know how fast you are using up your battery and when you are getting close to needing to change to another battery.

6.  Slim Body with 360-Degree Grip Zone – The Dremel 8200 was designed with the user in mind.  Its slim body makes it easy to hold and control in your hand, and it cylindrical shape allows the user to just grab it anywhere around the body and start using it.  For example: If you have your Dremel turned on with a bit in it and set the Dremel down to move something.  You can just pick up the Dremel and start using it again without having to turn it a particular way in your hand.  In addition, three separate ventilation openings in the handle help keep the rotary tool cool.

7.  Comes with 2 Lithium-Ion Batteries and a 1-Hour Charger – The 8200-2/28 comes with a second lithium-ion battery which allows you to (1) remove your used up battery when its power is exhausted, put it into the 1-hour charger that also comes with the 8200-2/28 and start recharging the exhausted battery, and (2) take the second battery that you have that is fully charged, insert it into your Dremel 8200, and keep working.  The 1-hour charger is a real plus because it will complete its battery charging in 1/2 to 1/3 of the charging time of other chargers.

8.    Comes with 28 Accessories (mandrels, grinding stones, polishing wheels, cutting bit, etc) – The wide array of accessories that comes with this rotary tool allows you to get to work using your Dremel right away.  What’s also really, really nice is that you can use any Dremel rotary tool attachment or accessory that you might already have on the Dremel 8200.  All Dremel rotary tool attachments/accessories can be used on the 8200.

9.  Comes in Hard Plastic Carrying Case – The carrying case is well constructed and durable and provides a single container to hold all of the attachments and accessories that come with the 8200.  This helps keep the user from misplacing or forgetting to bring along one or more of the parts.

What do Previous Buyers Say About This Rotary Tool?

The feedback from Amazon customers who have purchased and used the Dremel 8200-2/28 has been extremely positive.  At the time this tool review was written, Amazon customers had awarded the Dremel 8200-2/28 cordless rotary tool close to a 5 out of 5 star rating.  Of the 69 customers who submitted comments, 62 awarded it with a 5 star rating and 5 others a 4 star rating.  The other two raters had experienced battery problems and rated the rotary tool lower.  In one case, one of the two batteries that the person had received did not fit and had to be replaced.  In the other case, the rater expressed dissatisfaction with the length of time that the batteries provided power.  None of the other customers indicated that they had experienced battery problems.  Examples of the positive comments included:

“The 8200 cordless is a great tool.  It has all the power and speed you need in a rotary tool.”

“The previous model, the 10.8V Lithium Dremel, was my most frequently used motorized tool – until now.  This 12V Dremel is my new favorite and blows away the 10.8V model.”

“This tool will do it all . . . and then do it all again (without having to recharge)!”

“I’ve used it as a hobbyist and a professional working in entertainment (props, sets, specialty).  You just can’t beat it for location or studio work.”

“My husband and I love our Dremel.”

“One of the most outstanding tools I have ever used.  A must for any wooden ship model maker.”

“What a pleasure to actually buy a tool with such versatility and value for the money!  The charge holds for an exceptionally long time, the range of power available in this little workhorse is suitable for every need, and the attachments make this the most versatile and useful tool in the house!  Very, very satisfied customer!”

Where Can You Buy the Dremel 8200-2/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool?

You can buy this Dremel rotary tool from Amazon.  At this time, Amazon will include free shipping of this tool within the United States.  The list price of the Dremel 8200-2/28 is about $250.  However, presently, you can purchase it for substantially less money on Amazon.  Amazon is currently selling this for about $130. Click here to view the Dremel 8200-2/28 on Amazon.

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