Bosch JS470E & JS470EB Jigsaws

My Jigsaw Reviews: Bosch JS470E and Bosch JS470EB

Bosch Is THE NAME in Jigsaws (or Jig Saws)

Whether you call it a jigsaw, a jig saw, or a jigsaw saw, after reading numerous customer feedback reviews and user comments (and there are many), it is clear that Bosch is THE NAME in jigsaws. And among the Bosch  jigsaws, the most highly regarded, prized, and purchased jigsaws are the 1590EVS/1591EVS models – – – which are now being replaced by Bosch with its JS470E/JS470EB models.   The JS470E (like the 1590EVS) is a top handle style jigsaw (that you hold like you would a clothes iron); whereas the JS470EB (like the 1591 EVS) is a barrel grip style jigsaw (that you hold like you would a flashlight).    Bosch advised me that the 1590EVS/1591EVS jigsaws and the JS470E/JS470EB jigsaws are very similar.  The biggest difference is that the JS470E/JS470EB jigsaws are a little more powerful (7.0 amp motor) than the 1590EVS/1591EVS (6.4 amp motor).   This additional power provides the JS470E/JS470EB with a greater range of strokes per minute (i.e., 500-3,100) than the 1590EVS/1591EVS which has a range of 500-2,800 strokes per minute.  With Bosch’s planned replacement of the 1590EVS/1591EVS model jigsaws, I am recommending that you purchase either the JS470E or the JS470EB model depending on what handle style you prefer to use.

Which Handle Style Should I Choose?

The supporters of the barrel grip style (JS470EB) argue that using a barrel grip provides the user with better control over the jigsaw as it is being used; whereas supporters of the top handle style (JS470E) believe that the handle style provides plenty of control over the jigsaw and that additionally since the user’s hand is farther away from the jigsaw’s motor, the user does not feel the heat that the jigsaw produces when the jigsaw is in extended use.  Other supporters of the top handle style argue that the top handle style is better for users with smaller hands.

Important Features of the Bosch JS470E/JS470EB

1.  Variable speed dial allows you to adjust the speed of the saw depending on the material you will be cutting.  Thus, allowing you to make a cleaner cut.

2.  An adjustable dust blower (that really works) keeps the cutting line free of sawdust and other particles and consequently makes it easier for the user to see and follow the cutting line.

3.  A blade ejection lever allows you to eject the blade from the jigsaw without your having to touch the hot blade.

4.  A “tool less” saw blade changing system allows the user to quickly and easily insert a new blade.

5.  The jigsaw provides four different orbital-action settings that the user can select from – – – these provide the user with the option of deciding whether they want the jigsaw to make smooth cuts or more aggressive cuts.

6.  An internal precision control keeps the blade firmly in place and limits the cutting blade vibration thus helping ensure an accurate cut.

7.  The jigsaw weighs only 5.9 lbs which makes it easy for the user to lift and handle.  It also comes with an approximately 10 foot cord which may eliminate the need for the user to have to use an extension cord depending on where their electrical outlet is located.

8.  An ambidextrous lock-on button allows the user to make long steady cuts.

9.  The jigsaw provides the user with ability to make up to a 45 degree bevel cut.  In addition, the jigsaw comes with a “Non-Marring Overshoe” (to help keep the jigsaw from scuffing the surface of the material you are cutting) and an “Anti-Splinter Insert”.

10.  A sturdy hard plastic case for transporting and storing the jigsaw.

What Is Included?

In addition to the jigsaw itself, the jigsaw comes with:

  • · a non-marring overshoe;
  • · an anti-splinter insert;
  • · a blade;
  • · a bevel wrench (for setting the bevel); and
  • · a carrying case.

Where Can I Purchase the Bosch JS470E or JS470EB?

You can purchase both the Bosch JS470E and the Bosch JS470EB on Amazon. The list price for either of these two jigsaws is over $290; however, at this time Amazon is selling either model for about $140.  A really significant savings! This is an excellent price and comparable to the lowest prices that I have been able to locate elsewhere. In addition, Amazon presently provides free shipping to shipping  addresses in the lower 48 states and in some cases to Alaska and Hawaii as well.  (Note:  When reading customer feedback reviews, be sure and read the reviews on the 1590EVS and 1591EVS as well to help gauge the quality of these jigsaws since the JS470E and JS470EB are replacing the 1590EVS and 1591EVS jigsaws and have only been out on the market for a short time.)

Click here to view the Bosch JS470E (top handle) Jigsaw on Amazon.

Click here to view the Bosch JS470EB (barrel grip) Jigsaw on Amazon.