A Metal Detector Review: Garrett Pro-Pointer

A Great Addition To Your Regular Metal Detector

If you want to improve your metal detecting, you will want to also obtain a Garrett Pro-Pointer.  Whether you are looking for old coins, civil war relics, or other metal objects, the Pro-Pointer will save you a ton of time (and eliminate a bit of frustration too) in your search.  Once you have located a metal object with your metal detector and dug down to where you believe the metal object is located, you use the Garrett Pro-Pointer to quickly pin-point exactly where the object is and dig it out.  It will probably reduce your “in the hole” search time by at least 3/4th the normal time if not more!  No matter what metal detector you already have (e.g., I own and use a Garrett Ace 250) or want to get, you will be absolutely amazed and delighted with the time that the Pro-Pointer will save you in your searching. If you like to look for coins and other metal items with a metal detector like I do, I can’t recommend strongly enough that you purchase a Garrett Pro-Pointer to supplement your regular metal detector.

Features I Like That The Garrett Pro-Pointer Has

  • · Easy To Use
  • · Powerful And Durable
  • · Small and Light Weight
  • · L.E.D Light And Scraper
  • · Not Rain Or Temperature Sensitive
  • · Other Uses

1. Easy To Use – The Garrett Pro-Pointer is about as hard to use as  a flashlight.  You push a button to turn it on and then push the end up against the dirt or sand that you want to check and that’s all there is to it.  Once the Pro-Pointer gets within 2-3 inches (depending on the type of soil and moisture in the soil) of the metal object, the Pro-Pointer will begin vibrating in your hand and emitting a beeping noise – – –  letting you know exactly where you need to search.  And since you now know that you are within 2-3 inches of the object, finding the object just takes a few seconds.

2.  Powerful And Durable – The Pro-Pointer operates on a 9-volt battery, and a single charged battery will give you many hours of use (e.g., a carbon battery will last up to 16 hours, an alkaline battery will last about 30 hours, and a rechargeable battery about 8 hours).  And putting in a battery can’t be easier!  You just screw off the lid, drop in the 9-volt battery, and then screw the lid back on.  In addition, the Pro-Pointer itself is covered with a hard durable plastic so you don’t need to worry about dropping it on the ground and having it stop working.

3.  Small And Light Weight – The Garrett Pro-Pointer is about the size of a large mini-flashlight.  It is only 9 inches long, tapered in shape (with its widest part being only 1.5 inches in diameter),  weighs just 7 ounces, and fits easily in your hand.  It comes with a belt holster so you can wear it on your belt if you want and grab it when you need it but it is small enough where you can just stick it in your back pocket as well.

4.  Built-In L.E.D. Light And Scraper – The Pro-Pointer also has a built-in L.E.D. light (for helping find objects when you are detecting where there is limited lighting) and a 3.75″ scraping tool so you can use the pointer to search through loose soil to find the pinpointed object.  The L.E.D. light is also an easy way to check and see if you have the Pro-Pointer turned on.  If the L.E.D. light is on, then the Pro-Pointer is turned on.

5. Not Rain Or Temperature Sensitive – A couple of other especially nice features that can be easily overlooked are that you can use the Garrett Pro-Pointer in the rain and that the pointer works in temperatures between -35 degrees Fahrenheit and +158 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Other Uses – You can also use your Pro-Pointer around your house or apartment to locate nails in drywall or 2″ X 4″ wood studs, as well as to locate water pipes and electrical wiring behind walls.  Saves you the time and expense of going to a local hardware to purchase a wall stud finder when you need one.

Customer Feedback

The Garrett Pro-Pointer was rated 5 out of 5 stars on the Amazon website by customers who had bought and used it – – –  5 out of 5 stars is the highest Amazon rating you can get! Here are some of the positive comments that customers made:

” The Garrett Pro-Pointer is compact, easy to use and carry, and is an accurate metal detecting instrument. When used to pin-point a metal detecting “find” in a hole, it rapidly allows you to narrow your search and do less digging. The belt holster allows easy access to the pointer and carries it when its use is not required. The more you use the Pro-Pointer the more refined your searches will become. Very good battery life and a water and dirt resistant body are additional benefits. Over all, compared with other pointers (our metal detecting club did a comparison of all the pointers available) and the Garrett Pro-Pointer was at the top of the list. This is an excellent product for the price and a worthwhile addition to any metal detectors available tools.”

” I am relatively new to metal detecting (and I hardly ever review products), but after several days of digging holes in heavy, often filled with rocks and roots, soil in Ohio and trying to find whatever the heck my metal detector (Garrett Ace 350) had detected, I was quickly losing patience. My metal detector has a pinpoint feature like many modern detectors, but even so, it can be tricky to locate an item. Just because it is displaying as a dime or quarter 4 inches down, does not mean it can’t be a larger hunk of metal 8 inches down. Pretty soon I have a huge, deep crater but still not whatever the detector had found. This would leave me wondering if I was somehow off on using the detector’s pinpoint feature and the object was a little off to the side, etc., etc. You get the picture.

Anyways, after several days of this (either not finding an item or taking a while to find the item) I was sold on the idea of a stand-alone handheld pinpointer. After some research, I decided upon the Garrett Pro-Pointer because it a.) looked robust, b.) was not connected to the detector itself like an inline pinpointer (I know some like those, but I just wanted something like a wand that wasn’t connected with wires to anything), and c.) was water resistant.

Well, I used this (the Garrett Pro-pointer) all day two days ago and for about an hour last night at dusk (low light) (yes, the little LED light was useful (!) since I hadn’t brought a flashlight) and I have to say that it really spoils you. The battery gave out (it was the heavy duty (not alkaline) 9 volt that came with the unit) near the end of the marathon detecting session two days ago (the first day I used it) and I would have called it a day had I not thought to bring a spare 9 volt. (BTW, mentioned that it was the cheap battery that comes with the unit that gave out after about 7 hours because it is supposed to last longer than that — I imagine it will on the new alkaline battery I put in) (Even if it doesn’t, I still love it!).

Anyway, like I was saying, I would have called it a day without a functioning Pro-pointer. It makes finding the objects VERY much easier, which equates to having more fun and finding more things. The ONLY terrain on which I would consider detecting without the Pro-pointer (but since I own one now, I wouldn’t) would be a sandy beach if I had a perforated scoop tool. So, it the only place you go detecting is a nice sandy beach (I am jealous), then you could maybe get by with a scoop. That said, considering how affordable the Pro-pointer is I would still recommend investing in it.

As far as operation of the unit goes, it is just like in the video on the Garrett website. You can scan around with the 360 degree field around the length of the pointer then use the tip to zone in on the object. The beeping gets faster and faster until you are touching or almost touching the object, at which point the beeping changes to a continuous tone. Ease of use is very natural. I found things in AT LEAST, I would estimate, a fourth or fifth of the time it would have taken me without the Pro-pointer (frankly, probably even less than that). Plus, if you don’t find it right away, you know you are digging in the right direction when you do need to dig a little more than originally intended, which is comforting to know. Found lots of coins and a 1947 dime (silver!) which is in great condition and probably would have stood a greater chance of being scratched had I not known exactly where it was thanks to the pointer. Also, it is a solidly built and well-sealed unit that can stand up to getting dirty and wet without any problems (so far, at least).I bought the Garrett Ace 250 and it is superb for the price.”

Where Can I Purchase the Garrett Pro-Pointer?

You can purchase the Garrett Pro-Pointer on Amazon. I purchased my Garrett Pro-Pointer directly from Garrett and paid about $150.  However, Amazon often sells the Garrett Pro-Pointer at less than the list price.   In addition, Amazon presently provides free shipping to shipping  addresses in the lower 48 states.  Click here to view the Garrett Pro-Pointer on Amazon.

Where Can I Read Additional Customer Feedback on the Garrett ProPointer?

One of the best places to read customer feedback on products is on Amazon.  Click here to read additional customer feedback from Garrett Pro-Pointer users.