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ME200 Laminator
  • ME200 Laminator

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  • Product Brief

    u DR-DC-ME150 can place green ceramic tape slices (optional base table, rotate the front or back of the tape facing up), manually place it on the worktable, and then adjust the slices to the appropriate position through the platform. Then according to the component design, stacking sequence, layer pressure, lamination time, lamination work. It is a device for bonding multilayer ceramic green films under vacuum, constant temperature and high pressure during the manufacture of ceramic base film.


    Ø The machine starts quickly, the operation is simple, the alignment accuracy is high, and the footprint is small

    Ø Using servo pressure unit, precise pressure control

    Ø Platform drive: high-precision NSK slide guide rails with AC servo motor;

    Ø The heating method adopts stable aluminum template heating system with high temperature uniformity

    Ø Convenient operation: PLC+ touch screen control, color LCD display, providing multiple function parameter settings and instant operation/monitoring, easy operation, meeting the perfect requirements of dataization, standardization and humanization.

    technical parameter

    1) Product model: DR-DC-MU200

    2) Lamination size: 200*200mm

    3) Temperature control range: room temperature-100??;

    4) Lamination pressure: up to 420KN;

    5) Cycle time: 15 seconds (according to lamination time)

    6) Equipment power: 5KW

    7) Dimensions: 1300*1150*2000mm;

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